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FA declare season null & void for clubs below National League
All football below the National leagues have been expunged with no promotion or relegation.
Could here more on this.
You have to wonder what the thinking is behind this move, and whether it's the first tentative step in what will end up being a stage-by-stage cancellation of the season right up the pyramid. It's insanely harsh on clubs like Jersey who have a 100% win record all season, and had mathematically confirmed their promotion already, only to have it snatched away. Worse yet, I have no faith in the FA to be consistent on stuff like this. I can honestly see them expunging the season across the board, declaring no promotion or relegation, but then handing Liverpool the Premier League title to avoid any expensive lawsuits and/or fan protests from such a big club.

The sensible thing to do would be to finish this season at all costs, no matter how long it takes - even up to Christmas or into next year - and if need be, cancel or shorten the 2020/21 season instead. I suspect there's just too much money from sponsorship and broadcasting rights at stake though, and they'll take the greedy option if push comes to shove.
The FA have no say in the premiership, the premiership is an organisation on there own and they will do what sky want them to do,sky will pull the money if the premier league is not shown on TV as per contract. So the premier league I think will be played to a finish unless this crisis goes on longer than thought. The FA will probably want to finish the season but they aren’t governed so much by sky money. Might want to play behind closed doors but I think the players won’t want this as they know there in the entertainment business so watts the point of entertaining nobody.but this is all at least 2 months away as I don’t think there will be any football in April or May.
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