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star date (somewhere)
well due to the fact all sport has been suspended on planet earth
the crew of the star ship enterprise has been going stir crazy

spock has resigned himself to his quarters stating (i cannot logically comprehend no sport)
Kirk has left him to his own devices...out of of sympathy
as for the rest of the crew
even the threat of Klingon attacks are going unprepared

our rear end was compromised earlier by a rogue attack
we manage to repair it
but we envisage more rear end attacks

the Enterprise is drifting throughout the galaxy looking for some sort of sport to watch
the morale of the crew is at rock bottom

apart from the planet MoreOr Less
that is still broadcasting 
Womping Feareless Wombats
We Have Nothing Really To Report

You People Of Earth Take It Easy
We Are Sure Your Sports Will Resume

For Now
Kirk Out
Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose
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