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Sky T.V
Much As This Virus(and i hope your all keeping well) Has Basically Screwed Up Football Around The Globe
I Can`t Help But Feel (NO) Sympathy For Sky/BT
What Are They  Showing On Their Overpriced Subscription Channels Now?

I Have A Few Ideas For Them(Subscription Free)

The World(Behind Closed Doors) Cluedo Championships
Snakes And Ladders 
World Scrabble(No Words For That One)
And My All Time Favourite......World Blind Darts Championship(Can`t SEE That One Happening)

Sorry About My Sense Of Humour At This Time
Just Trying To Lift Spirits On Here

No Football?
No Problem

Come On Guys Lets Keep Things Going On Here

If You Don`t You Know What Will Happen
Stardate 2020.........(Guess The Rest)


(Anyone Got A Spare Bog Roll?)
Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose
How about Dwarf Darts?


Just for you Garry. DD Whistle Whistle
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(17-03-2020, 18:33)Dingle-Dingle Wrote: Just for you Garry. DD  Whistle  Whistle

do you seriously think i would put that anywhere near my rear end
Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose
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