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Prediction League Week 28 !!! Shall we will try this ?
[Image: luFuYYf.png?1]


Smartass  Bonus Ball
Tongue  Score Ball, Free to use Ball , play it on a game that you think both teams will score in !
Doh  Gamball,

New Scoring System

Incorrect Result =  0 point
Incorrect Result (Bonus Ball) = -3 * Changed from -2
Incorrect Result (Gamball) = -3
Score Ball = 1 added Point if both teams score.  !

Correct Result = +2 points
Correct Result (Bonus Ball) = +3
Correct Result (Gamball) = +5  * Changed from +4
Correct Score = + 4 points
Correct Score (Bonus Ball) = +6  
Correct Score (Gamball) = +10   * Changed from +8

As you can see the incorrect scoring has not really changed apart from a wrong Bonus this will be now scored at -3 instead of -2 the reason for this are the gains on the new Gamball scoring you will make (see below) in the hope this encourages you to use it most if not all of the time.

So to the Gamball, the use of the Gamball was tactically not used in some cases last season as the gains we not considered to great compared to the losses, it's for this reason we have decided to change the scoring, The loss will stay the same at -3 but the reward will be a correct result will go up by one from 4 to 5 points and the correct score will go up by 2 from 8 to 10 points !!!
Just a reminder you DO NOT have to play the Gamball if you dont want too, the score will then be marked normal.  Thumb up

Again the third from bottom of the premiership will play off against the third in the table from the Championship to keep even more excitement going, they will have to predict through all the Playoffs and the winner obviously takes their place in the Premier League the following season   Thumb up

Beefy, Bomber, Zinman & SCO   Thumb up

If you do not predict,...........
If in your league everyone scores above zero you will receive Zero points,
However if in your league the person with the lowest score is below Zero (eg -4) you will score -5 and receive your first strike, Remember 3 strikes and you're out.

All scores must be in before MIDDAY SATURDAY,(For The Early Kick Off If Applicable) If the early kick off is missed the rest of your predictions must reach us by 2.45pm or none will be counted.
I'm almost 100% sure Myself & the Scorers get the scores added up correctly, From time to time over the season we may get now and again get this wrong, SO IN THE EVENT OF ANY POINTS DISCREPANCIES can i ask all you guys to check your predictions and if you feel they are incorrect in anyway contact me Via PM within a week of the TABLES & SCORES being presented and they will be corrected the following week.
Anything later unless it is a Major error will NOT be corrected. It is as much your responsibility to check your scores as much as it is ours to try and score them correctly.
Beefy  Thumb up

Saturday 21st March

1/ Aldershot Town V Woking
2/ Barnet  v Sutton United
3/ Chesterfield V Maidenhead United
4/ Chorley V AFC Fylde
5/ Dagenham & Redbridge V Dover Athletic
6/ Eastleigh V Yeovil Town
7/ Ebbsfleet United V Bromley
8/ **Hartlepool United V FC Halifax Town  Doh
9/ Torquay United V Solihull Moors
10/ Wrexham V Boreham Wood
Zinman & Bomber's Carer !!!
Beefy’s desperate to do anything in an attempt to avoid relegation!
Prediction League Champion.......again.
You mean you all know my good run is coming,and you're all running scared Whistle
Zinman & Bomber's Carer !!!
I will be amazed, in fact, horrified, if these matches get played.

Saturday 21st March

Aldershot Town 0-2 Woking
Barnet  1-0 Sutton United
Chesterfield 1-0 Maidenhead United Smartass
Chorley 0-1 AFC Fylde
Dagenham 1-2 Redbridge V Dover Athletic Tongue
Eastleigh 0-2 Yeovil Town
Ebbsfleet United 0-1 Bromley
**Hartlepool United 1-2 FC Halifax Town Doh
Torquay United 0-1 Solihull Moors
Wrexham 0-2 Boreham Wood
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Nothing like a complete stab in the dark ..............

1/ Aldershot Town 1 v 1 Woking Tongue
2/ Barnet  2 v 1 Sutton United
3/ Chesterfield 1 v 0 Maidenhead United
4/ Chorley 0 v 2 AFC Fylde
5/ Dagenham & Redbridge 2 v 0 Dover Athletic
6/ Eastleigh 0 v 3 Yeovil Town
7/ Ebbsfleet United 2 v 2 Bromley
8/ **Hartlepool United 2 v 1 FC Halifax Town   Doh
9/ Torquay United 0 v 2 Solihull Moors
10/ Wrexham 1 v 3 Boreham Wood Smartass
Nothing like a complete stab in the dark With Bomber Big Grin
Wow just wow Laugh
Zinman & Bomber's Carer !!!
1/ Aldershot Town 1 v 2 Woking
2/ Barnet 2 v 2 Sutton United Tongue
3/ Chesterfield 2 v 0 Maidenhead United Smartass
4/ Chorley 1 v 1 AFC Fylde
5/ Dagenham & Redbridge 2 v 1 Dover Athletic
6/ Eastleigh 0 v 2 Yeovil Town
7/ Ebbsfleet United 1 v 2 Bromley
8/ **Hartlepool United 1 v 2 FC Halifax Town Doh
9/ Torquay United 1 v 2 Solihull Moors
10/ Wrexham 1 v 2 Boreham Wood
Is this for real? Having known matches were OFF until 3/4 April, I can't see this happening in the lower divisions either. It will irresponsible, amd maybe be banned by the Gov't anyway.

It was also by luck i clicked on our site, others won't.
They're all off now anyway.
Oh Rolleyes
That went well Laugh
Zinman & Bomber's Carer !!!
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