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I am currently resurrecting my interest in WWII, particularly the air force and specifically women at war. I am reading Memoirs of a WAAF, the diaries of Daphne Dangerfield. I have just read a similar one from Joan Rice. I doubt that many of you would go for my choices but you could try Brummie Road which was written by Ian Richards, aka Ska'dForLife-WBA, it was a good read and still available.
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Or my newest one; which, coincidentally, is about a woman who goes to war!
I shall get that one for my holiday!

I can't find it. What's it called? Is it on kindle?
(15-03-2020, 01:34)Amelia Chaffinch Wrote: What's it called? Is it on kindle?

Yes! The Weathermaid's Mate.

It's basically Harry Potter meets Hornblower. Started writing it for fun back in 2015, and the idea took on a life of its own. Now at work on a sequel.
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And purchased!  Thumb up
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