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I know some people have different views are Livermore, I have just listened to the express and star Albion podcast and they say Jake Livermore is captain fantastic and Bilic trusts him as his leader on the pitch. Another thing if you can find it on Twitter it shows just how much the Albion means to him , it shows his reaction when we took the lead for the second time against Forest now that’s passion.
Robinson on Livermore .

There’s a lot of talent in the team and Matheus (Pereira), Filip (Krovinović), we’re all linking up really well together and we’ve got a lot of hard working players, but Jake Livermore… what a performance, what a captain.

“What he shows is passion from the get-go and we started slow, but he was at it pressing and winning the ball back high up the pitch which set the tone for the game.

“There’s so much experience in the team; lads who’ve been there, played at the highest level and I think that’s why we’re pushing on up the league because we’ve got that nouse.”

Bilic on Livermore

But even without those moments, his overall performance was outstanding with the 30-year-old’s energy setting the tone for Albion’s high pressing game.

“For the whole season he (Livermore) has been brilliant for us,” Bilic said.

“Today, I wasn’t that over the moon with the way we started.

“We didn’t win as many second games as we should.

“We were here, the ball was there. We were here, the ball was there.

“And then Jake, as a proper captain, he forced everybody else to step up.

I don’t like to single out the player but this was his win to be fair, brilliant. Brilliant.”

Sorry blue boy I know you think your right on Livermore but I think you are totally wrong .
The players the management an 90% of fans think he’s a fantastic captain and boy has he stepped up this season since he took off that bulk.
Did not say you said anything about Jake not playing well as you imply. Just saying you don’t know a captain when you see one at present, because he is leading us towards the premier with captains displays week in week out. That’s my humble opinion. That’s the last I will say on Jake until the season has finished . You don’t give out insults but you like calling this poster what I am not that is a liar. Any way not interested anymore in your opinion because all you do is twist it to suit yourself . Checked my posts your right I did say we needed a box to box midfielder Blue but if you have noticed we now have that box to box midfielder now having changed our system his name Jake Livermore. We have also changed our Zonal marking . Have a good evening
Peace and Love, Peace and Love
Excellent again tonight - leads by example.
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Prediction League Champion.......again.
(25-02-2020, 11:00)Blue Baggie Wrote: WBA13 can we move on please, this has become boring and everyone must be tired of the childish posts. Apologies for calling you a
We will always disagree about our captain , so yes I’ve moved on along with you .agreed it was becoming tedious.
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