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R.I.P. Bob Willis
Sad news that Bob Willis a former fast bowler for Warwickshire and England has passed away aged just 70 years.

What cricket lovers will ever forget his 8 wickets against the Aussies in 1981 which turned the Test match on its head.

RIP Bob Peace dove Peace dove
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Some days I'm top dog, most days I'm just the lamp post.
Just seen that...
Really shocked and saddened
RIP Bob Sad
Zinman & Bomber's Carer !!!
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Have you heard about the news on Mizar 5
People got to shout to stay alive

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Deserved a "Sir" Bob, thanks for the fantastic memories - see you on the other side. RIP
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The unusual thing for me is that all but the last wicket to fall had the batsmen being caught. Only the last wicket saw the batsman clean bowled.

If I remember correctly Australia had scored heavily in their first innings. England had slumped, been asked to follow on and almost slumped again but then followed a typical Beefy knock to give us the slimmest of chances.

I think Australia needed about 130 runs to win the test until Big Bob skittled them out.
Some days I'm top dog, most days I'm just the lamp post.
That spell of fast bowling in the famous 3rd test in 1981.... ever, even more so than Ben Stokes's heroics this year.
Best spell of fast bowling EVER with so little runs to play with.
RIP Bob ?
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Played for Warwickshire and was a huge Bob Dylan fan!! My hero. Bob ticked all the boxes, a truly great fast bowler and a really good fella. A sad loss to the world of cricket
Great man, great loss. RIP
Just read on wickie that Bob had operations on both knees during his playing career.

Imagine bowling that fast with dodgy knees.

I can hardly get up the stairs with mine let alone bowl like a bloody express train.
Some days I'm top dog, most days I'm just the lamp post.
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