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John Sheridan has just been on local radio saying that fans should show Anthony Gerrard some respect.
There are times when I struggle to get my breath.

Mr Sheridan, in my book respect is something that you earn. I dont respect you and I certainly will never respect Gerrard or show him any respect. Now, if either of you were to apologise for being total wankers and walk away from my football club then you might just earn my respect.
By your own admission, you said Gerrard was a stone overweight and he had been sent away doing an intensive fitness course, he has abused fans, he abused fans at previous clubs, he is a dirty player and cheat who should never have been brought anywhere near our club.

Please earn some respect from me and walk. We are 1 point clear of the bottom of the table. This is your team, your signings, your team formations, your so called tactics. I thought Gary Caldwell was the worst manager we ever had playing square pegs in round holes. Somehow you have managed to make him look a genius. In half a season you have made us serious relegation contenders with one of the biggest if not the biggest player budgets in this division, but in a press interview last week, you seriously ask us to give you more time to turn things around. You really are taking the pi55 big style.

Christmas is just around the corner, Santa doesn't need a sack to carry for what I would like, I just wish he would give it to you.
It looks like a local consortium is very close to taking over the club. Now that would be the best Christmas present I could ever wish for. I just hope to god you are not part of the package they take over.
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He's a very good manager when things are all going well but when we go through these difficult spells he isn't very diplomatic when talking about the players to the media or even with some of the comments he comes out with himself.

I remember once listening to the radio after a game when he was manager the first time round and it was the season when we were in L1 so would have been 2011/12 and I remember he said in the interview. 'The players aren't listening to me'. If players aren't listening then that means you've lost the dressing room.

It would be very interesting to know what they do in training because whatever they are doing in training isn't being repeated on the pitch when it matters. Compared to other teams in this division we look sluggish, slow, unfit, tactically unaware and some of the football we've played this season looks like it wouldn't be out of place in Step 7.

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When things are going right for Sheridan he does okay. If he takes over a club with problems and his diagnosis results in even a temporary cure then again he does okay. BUT when he hits a problem that doesn't immediately respond to treatment he becomes a nightmare. He appears to cast about for random solutions, fails to keep his head and totally misses the blindingly obvious, especially if the source of the problem is his own decision-making.

The experience of a Gerrard at the back ought to have been no bad thing ……….. but Gerrard himself has been disliked almost wherever he has gone in football and lacks any discernible outstanding talent in the game. He isn't a great leader, nor is he a brilliant reader of the game. He was never quick and is now slow. He can tackle but his timing isn't brilliant and he commits fouls in dangerous areas. He can head the ball but he isn't a giant at the back and short of learning the Fosbury flop will never get far off the ground. His passing is suspect …….. as he is in most criminal cases. He drinks, gets overweight and his main claim to fame is being related to a European Cup winner.

My belief is that we should offer all fellow human beings respect. The trouble with Gerrard is he doesn't and that's precisely why he gets on with Sheri - he doesn't either. They are peas in a deeply unpleasant pod.

Apparently Gerrard made one brilliant brave block on Saturday. Is that a reasonable return on a half a season's investment?

In certain circumstances Sheridan can manage successfully. In certain circumstances Mr Allen can be a successful owner. But the only hope for the club as Dancing points out on a another thread is new ownership and a change of direction …….. even if down yet again proves our direction of first choice.
Gerrard has a terrible attitude to fans and should not expect respect from most fans.
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