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Ross Co v Hibs, Wed 4 dec, KO 7.45pm
This is a welcome fixture in the fact that Hibs have a chance to quickly "bounce back" after being really "hard done by" in the dying secs of a match that was not well managed by certain Hibs players to ensure a deserved win and four-in-a-row. I reckon Hibs have "thrown away" about 15 pts under the same circumstances during this season and imagine our league position had this consistent failing been rectified!! I expect Jack Ross to finally "change it" and absolutely demand that the players really "react with conviction" and push for a positive result - NO FEELING SORRY FOR THEMSELVES PLEASE!! Ideally respond positively and "bury" the Staggies to push on up the league table.
And please be aware of the threat of certain ex Hibs players, like Brian Graham, who have a habit of scoring in these kiinda matches against us!!

Watched them the day and they aren't much more than a big physical outfit that work hard. We should beat them as long as we cut down on the stupidity at the back.
Aye! They avoided an absolute thrashing today, more through good fortune than anything else!
A win is a must as our next four fixtures after that look like tough ones.
Yep! The Dons(H), Celtic(A), The Huns(H) and Hertz(A) who may be lifted by the appt of a new manager by then. I'd take 6 pts from those fixtures as I reckon it is possible to win two of those matches but we must "show up" and play well! I'd love to "get the monkey off our backs" for the fixture v the Dons - our historical league record v them is f###### awful!!!

FT 2-1 and OMG we have flogged a lead to one of the poorest teams in the league that hasn't won a single match in nine fixtures and our goalie, Maxwell, has "opened the door" to this Staggies team at 0-1 to miss a punch from a cross ball and GOOAAALLL 1-1 - missed lotsa good goal scoring opps right in front of their goal but ultimately a total f### up by a goalie who I've wanted to replace for weeks n weeks - don't rate this guy and reckon we have better options!!!!! Then we flog the match as well - that is another 3 pts to add to the approx. 15 pts that Hibs have flogged after taking a lead!!!!! Thumb down Jack Ross knew there was a defensive deficiency in this Hibs team as much as I know it!!!! He didn't change it and paid the price!! Now we MUST try to change it - NO "CLEAN SHEETS" IN MONTHS "FLIES OUT" IN ANYONE'S FACE AND THIS RESULT WAS A F####### DISGRACE TONIGHT V A TEAM THAT SHOULD'VE PREVIOUSLY BEEN ON THE WRONG END OF A 1-7 OR 1-8 "HIDING" FROM CELTIC ON SUNDAY!!!!
I'm absolutely seething re the negligence and lack of focus by Hibs tonight!! Who cares if lotsa these Hibs players don't give a f####!!! Thumb down HONEYMOON ALREADY OVER FOR JACK ROSS IMO!!!!
Our attitude in the 2nd half was appalling. Absolutely appalling.

We are soft as shite, and have been since Lennon departed. He was right with his "boy band" description, it used to drive him nuts remember? County are absolutely pants and are leaking points everywhere.

If Ross is going to be a success, he is going to have to sort us out at the back and bring some "streetwise" quality into the side or we will languish midtable. Better than the relegation battle the Yorkshire bore would have brought....but we can do better.
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Im sure JR is seeing the issues first hand now, January will be interesting with a few departures and reinforcements in, I'd like to think we can get a couple more experienced players in who can drive us up the table in the 2nd half of the season.
After watching and scrutinising this game again, I've come to the conclusion that Hanlon is no longer our 1st choice CH and must be replaced with somebody who is consistently better. Therefore the captaincy moves on to whom? I nominate Porteous - good enough and old enough to be Hibs captain, much like Pat Stanton in years gone by. Also Maxwell must be dropped and Rocky returned "between the sticks". We need a "anchor" defensive mid player because we don't have one and that weakness has been evident from the start of the season. Lastly we need a prolific CF to compete for the position and I wish Lenny would loan out Sparky to Hibs but I doubt that will happen now.
Hanlon's been shite for ages.

I actually agree about Marciano, a keeper who is vastly superior. I wonder if the Yorkshire snore signed a deal where his appearances were guaranteed
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