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Hull vs WBA - Match Thread
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The last international break of the decade looms large before us, but first Albion venture up to Humberside in the hope of using Monday's hard-fought away win at Stoke as a springboard for another three points on the road.

That'll be a big challenge, as we've been winless at the KCOM Stadium since January 2008, and the Tigers are now bang in form following three wins on the trot, the most recent being a thumping 3-0 triumph at Craven Cottage. The absence of a prolific goalscorer at Albion gives the sense that we're not quite an unstoppable juggernaut en route to promotion, but rather a team digging deep and fighting hard every week to stay ahead of the pack, with a very long way to go until next May. As admirable and entertaining as that is, my fear is that we end up running out of steam at some point, with no real marksman up top to bail us out of those games that haven't gone to plan. The fortnight's break will be a welcome rest, but Hull are capable of giving us a black eye before then, and we'll need to be at the top of our game on Saturday.
Just hope we dont "run out of steam" before January as Im sure we will see a new striker in as everyone can see its what we need ....
Im sure the right striker will bring us promotion Thumb up
My one concern is that rumours are rife on twitter West Ham are going to recall Diaganna in january so if we do have another Harvey Barnes situation a liitle tweaking may be required,
However this is going to be a tough game and we need to stop that Jarrord Bowen if we are to come away with anyhting, Now he would be a good buy in January Whistle
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Whilst it would be bad ( understatement) to lose Grady in January ( fingers & toes crossed we don't) i'd like SB to introduce Chris Willock into the 1st team matchday squad & give him some game time. 5 goals in 8 games in PL2 is a pretty good return. Why not see what he can do in the 1st team?. BTW to all those who travelled to Sjoke... well done for creating a great atmosphere in a half empty Stadium ( that what it looked like on TV) Smile
Great write up Ska, IMO a draw would be fine.
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Interesting press conference from the westham manager before the weekends game ....

Pellegrini says he'd rather Diangana stay put. A big boost for #wba
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Albion are going to be wearing the third kit against Hull. It’ll be our first time wearing the purple kit this season.
We'll wear our purple kit for the very first time at the KCOM Stadium on Saturday afternoon ?

You can order it here ➡️

Zinman & Bomber's Carer !!!
Wearing the purple kit for the first time ??? - I'm not a superstitious person normally but why wear it when we don't need to ?
2020 the year the bubble burst  Doh
(08-11-2019, 23:38)Blue Baggie Wrote: Wearing the purple kit for the first time ???  - I'm not a superstitious person normally but why wear it when we don't need to ?

Because the Club will sell more shirts to their fans who they claim to love!
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wtaf is that kit? Personally I like purple as a colour but that kit goddam it hurts my eyes just looking at it. Maybe thats the idea?
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