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André Gomes
Truly horrific injury. Looks like the lower part of his leg twists a little and his ankle rotates 90 degrees at least.

All the best to his recovery. Hopefully it won’t be a career killer.
I saw it 2 or 3 times and couldn't blame Song for the injury. Surprised he was booked really. Or am I wrong?
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Haven't seen it - but sounds bad.
Wasn't Song sent off??
(04-11-2019, 11:46)drewks Wrote: Haven't seen it - but sounds bad.
Wasn't Song sent off??

Yes, but 2nd Yellow card. (1st was for diving).
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I think Son was partly to blame but to be fair to him, it wasn’t only him at fault. He flew into Gomes from behind, which is a yellow card offence because he wasn’t even going for the ball, and while off balance, Gomes puts his right foot on the ground at a slight angle. Aurier flies into a tackle on him from the front and treads down on his foot and the momentum from Aurier’s tackle causes the snap of the ankle.

I won’t post the video or picture of it on here because it is truly horrific.
Horrific looking ankle injuries are possible even without much contact. Playing in a Saturday League game our full back was covering across to clear the ball when a not-very good pitch intervened. A hole twisted his foot, there was a pretty sickening sound and he started screaming. Being the keeper I was first on the scene. His foot was more or less pointing backwards. I yelled for the game to stop and for someone to phone an ambulance. All I could do to help was hold his hand and tell him to scream if he needed to. In those days he ended up with metal plates in his ankle, he did play again, but was never as good or as confident a player again. It is a horrible injury to see. If another player was the cause and saw the result he wouldn't be human if he weren't horrified. The one I described happened forty-odd years ago and I can still see it. How the hell soldiers cope with war I'll never know. I agree with WBA-Josh's decision not to post, some things are better left to the imagination.
Gomes is to undergo surgery today. After having tests at hospital, it was confirmed that he suffered a fracture dislocation of his right ankle.
What an over-reactive World we now live in!

In the eyes of very passionate Scousers.....
Son, first of all, took a dive in the box to try to acquire a penalty.
Minutes later he fouled Gomez and (as I posted earlier) I don't think it was a bad challenge.
The result of Gomez' fall was that he got a horrific, career-threatening ankle injury (which brought Son to tears).

Most - nearly all - opposing fans, in the heat of the passion, would have run onto the pitch (if they could) and took a swipe at Son because passion would have got the better of them, and the foul was so swift that it might have looked like a filthy lunge from most parts of the Ground. I'm realistic to remember that I'd have screamed and called any opposing player the worst kind of insult I could get my tongue round. If he was black or yellow I'd have shouted that; if he'd got a big nose, or a beard, or ginger hair or bald, fat or skinny, if he was Welsh, Spanish, Irish, etc etc I'd have prefixed the word c**t with any of those descriptions. But one passionate Scouser (who takes no offence at that name) probably called Son a Ch*nk or something - (I haven't heard what).
On cue, out come the media, all calling for the bloke to be "...banned from the Ground, or worse." Bollocks! It was just a reaction from some passionate Everton fan, appalled at the horror at what he thought he saw from his seat. Son, with utter dignity (because he's a sporting bloke and a great footballer, far more distressed at what he'd done over the past few minutes) couldn't give a fig what "names" he'd been called. Seriously, name-calling is hardly anything to get so excited about.

(If anyone dare think that I'm racist because of what I've said they can kiss my arse. I've got/had loads of black/brown/yellow friends over the years, and treat ALL people with respect and friendship. The people I despise are the white - and black - Snowflakes, who like to think of themselves as 'caring',because it suits their image.)
Start every day off with a smile and get it over with
Son red card rescinded
Have you heard about the news on Mizar 5
People got to shout to stay alive

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Thought you couldn't rescind a red card caused by two yellows; only a straight red which subsequently proved to be an incorrect decision. I know that you cant appeal against a double yellow.

So how was that justified??
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