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Scotland v Russia
Well this is part of another "double header" for Scotland with Belgium to follow in another testy home match! I'd like a min of 3 pts but I suspect we could well lose both matches! Lets hope this does not happen!
24 hours to go and I must say that my main concern is "not enough up front" v a top team that is pretty solid TBF. For starters, McBurnie (still a lot to prove?) or Naismith (not fit enough and a possible injury crock!) in the CF position. IMO it will be a minor miracle if we win this match tomorrow considering it is a "must win" fixture.
My Scotland team would be:

Marshall, O'Donnell, Cooper, Mulgrew, Robertson, McTominay, Magregor, McGinn, Fraser, Forrest, McBurnie

It would be good if Russia didn't show up.
Our central defenders give me the fear, and I think mcburnie is pish.

Other than that we are in good shape Laugh
Aaaaahhh! Such healthy optimism Jim lol!! Lets hope for a miracle and Scotland "show up big time"!
FT and, as expected, Scotland beaten 1-2 by Russia and started well 1-0 ahead with an opportunistic McGinn goal, couldn't hold the lead and the crucial concession of the 1st Russian goal with an absolute GAFFE of a mistaken pass by Andy Robertson right across our pen box - aaarggghhhhh!! 2nd half, Russia the better side and deserved the win! Scotland's Euro group campaign IMO over and Clarke must now concentrate on finding his best possible Scotland team for the crucial Nations' League play-offs, probably v Norway or Serbia, next year. Griffiths and certain other players must "return to the fold" by then!
We played OK first half, but when we lost the equaliser the belief drained out the team.

We actually have an abundance of decent midfielders, and hardly anything to speak of up top and at centre back. Griffiths is head and shoulders above any other forward we have, the sooner he is ready to play again the better.
Also no leadership v Russia. We desperately need someone like Broony!
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