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Every sport I know of, except Netball, becomes more exciting when scoring is in prospect. By contrast Netball comes to life when passing and intercepting, but appears to fall asleep on the point of scoring. A tall girl stands still under a hoop, conveniently not far above her head, isn't challenged, and unsurprisingly launches the ball an exaggeratedly easy distance into the net.

A moderate sportsman, good enough to interest scouts, but never good enough to trouble professional sport I'd be expecting at least 99% success in such an enterprise (at my age!). It's the equivalent of tossing a ball of paper into the waste bin a couple of yards away.

The participant countries appear to be only former colonies conned into believing that is what athletic ladies should do in their gym skirts.

I'm not against Womens' sport. I'd pay anything to see Dina Asher-Smith and KJT. Both football and cricket are different, but interesting, when played by women. Hockey and Ice Skating are good regardless of gender. Rugby ..... I can't for the life of me see why women would want to play ..... so as a gay man I must have misunderstood women more completely than I realised .......

BUT if women want the equal SPORTING RECOGNITION that logic says they should have, they can't go on annually providing tennis finals like Halep v Williams when the men mostly serve up something massively more appealing. And Netball, oh come on! How can I get excited over watching a set of skills I think I could still replicate at the age of 67?

Lacrosse, Handball, Volleyball, Squash, Ice Hockey, Table Tennis, they're all brilliant. Will television devote any time to their World Championships? Will the English be expected to chew their finger-nails down to the knuckle for the reward of a bronze medal for any of these sports?

I liked playing Basketball, have never been so keen on watching on it, but surely it beats Netball into a cocked hat?

Given a choice between yet another close-up of an Adam Peaty tattoo, or a statuesque lady about to score a goal with the ease of swatting a comatose fly I'd settle for the tattoo please.
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Each to their own, Devon. I quite enjoy watching the netball. Not seen as much of the recent world cup as I would've liked, but thought it was absolutely brilliant in the Commonwealth Games last year.

And how can you not enjoy watching Jennifer Saunders in a charity match at the weekend? Laugh
It is a form of oppression. A way to keep the girls unsporty without them noticing.

Joanna Lumley might be quite good if the opposition were Gurkhas, but Jennifer Saunders?
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