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Some Ajax "payback" for England - a 3-1 win for The Netherlands!!
In what turned out to be a deserved win for Virgil Van Dijk and his team mates (De Pay should've scored 3 or goals tonight!!), England finally "humbled" in ET by a far more skilful team in front of their riotous fans (can English fans never behave and stop creating the usual negative news headlines!!??). And a bit of "payback" by the many Ajax players who were unluckily halted by Spurs in that dramatic CL semi-final and after all the usual English "drum beating" by various media people/pundits!! Well done Holland and lets see if you can win it with this up n coming young side!!
England always come undone to a team with any sort of ability. They bored their way to the WC semis with the easiest draw I've ever seen and got beat by a tired, yet far superior football team.

Holland aren't the greatest up front but are so much better on the ball.

Porto on lockdown the night Laugh
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IMO Holland's missing "piece of the jigsaw" is that prolific CF who has that ability to "sniff out" and score goals, a pen box striker! I think that addition would push them on to being a truly world class team again!!
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