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Kazakhstan v Scotland
So Scotland start their Euro campaign on Thursday and play on an artificial pitch in Kazakhstan that will pose some serious challenges. I hope Ecky picks a team that can perform reasonably well on this type of surface. Two fixtures coming up and I'm hoping for 6 pts in what is a tough group with Belgium in pole position.
Now it transpires that both our top full backs, Robertson and Tierney, are added to the list of injuries and withdrawals!! I couldn't make it up!! I think we are "done" in a game we should win!! It wouldn't surprise me if a draw is "on the cards" but a defeat could happen even though we have better players than them!! Two words make me cautious - artificial pitch!
My worst fears confirmed!! HT and Scotland losing 2-0 with both goals lost in the first 9 mins!!! Crazy defending by a bunch of defenders who currently share 19 international caps between them and the frailty showed!! Also no shots on target!! Thumb down McBurnie and Burke disnae work!!
Get this dinosaur xxxx McLeish to absolute xxxx. Its like he's picked the team out a lucky bag.

The midfield and forwards were putting no pressure on the ball at all yet the defence tried to play offside. Basically football suicide.  

Mcburnie is so slow and pish - and shinnie at LB Laugh
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FT 3-0 and a "horror show" v a team that is ranked 117th in world footie and hardly ever wins footie matches at international level!!!! Thumb down There must be repercussions after this absolute embarrassment in organisation and tactics, a f###### disgrace!! I notice after the final whistle, the likes of McGregor having a scuffle and "shouting match" with James McFadden and shouting the odds in Ecky's direction!! IMO we are effectively out of this Euro group before it even seriously started and I must say I was never convinced by McLeish's appointment even after the last min success of a play off "last chance saloon"!
Mcleish, McFadden & Peter Grant..... Who else in world football would have employed that bag of shite ? We have better players than what was shown the night.

Mcgregor and McFadden clashing afterwards, suggesting all is not well behind the scenes.
Unconvincing in the Nations League and a disorganised and tactical mess on an artificial pitch that he should've seriously acknowledged and prepared for tactically - there are a lotta players who do not wanna play on these pitches!! It was also a "thumping" by a poor international team!!

Cyprus beat San Marino 5-0 today. We play SM away on Sunday. It could well be McLeish's last game if they do SFA v this level of poor opposition.
Is that xxxx still in charge ?

Amazing he hasn't been hunted already.
This defeat rated as the worst ever for Scotland based on ranking!!! We made this poor to average team look good, that is how bad it was or as Ecky described it - HORRIBLE!
McLeish isn't good enough technically or tactically, even if Scotland employed Sam Allardyce at least they would be harder to beat and raise proper morale
Sure their is no way Scotland have the player pool of 1978 or even 82 or 86 but there is enough quality not to get humbled by Borat`s mates
Get rid of Eck now, even one dimensional Van Bronckhorst is free at the seasons end
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