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Clairvoyant or Clarebalding? 2017 PREDICTION CHALLENGE
Thanks to all those who predicted.

Would anyone like to predict who'll win?
The person with the most correct answers???  Tongue  I'll win because I'm a lucky barsteward.  Big Grin
Cabbage is still good for you
Just took a look to see if any of us looked clairvoyant and it's lookin' pretty grim. I reckon SpireMatt is just out in front but we are all pretty much in heap behind him.

Interesting that after today's tennis I'd gone for Garbine Muguruza to win the final and amazingly picked her as a star choice, and Shep HTAFC has picked Venus Williams. Hard Luck on Amelia who had loyally gone Johanna Konta.

Two perceptive souls look to have points in the bank with Ched Evans to be a Sheff Utd player by the end of 2017 .... but then there are two of us think Roy Hodgson will be managing West Brom by then ............
Wow. Mine are shocking. Doh
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Well you aren't in last Snoots ............ and in any case last isn't far behind first. Which I think will be me temporarily after Garbine did the business nicely today. But I've made one or two woeful predictions. What was I thinking?
Are you gonna mark these, Devon? Or have you forgot? Whistle
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