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Were they at the same game as us? Colemanballs, Murrayisms and assorted press howlers
After a nudge by Mitzi and an elbow in the ribs from AmChaff I'm reprising a fred I opened previously on the old Town 606 board and throwing it open to one and all.

Every so often we all see a different match to the one the press or even TV and radio report. (Oggy, Kieron O' Rubbish of Radio Leeds fame, take a bow). We often throw it into match freds as they happen and they get lost in the mire. So here's a place to put them so we can all enjoy them. Private Eye sadly doesn't call its Colemanballs column Colemanballs anymore since the doyen of foot-in-mouth-disease retired from his many appearances on the British Broadcorping Castration and he has now sadly passed away. So any of those, along with what would be classed as Murrayism's (if only he was still commentating) and Hollowmouth's recent musings (as much as many of us loathe him) can also be posted here for all to enjoy.

Incidentally the phrase that allegedly started the Colemanballs column -  "and there goes Juantorena down the back straight, opening his legs and showing his class." was actually said by his co-commentator Ron Pickering, but it also had it's roots in him being heard to say to a BBC Midlands technician when he thought he was off air - "Trust you to make a balls of that."

The nudge for this came when I spotted the Independant report on the Wolves 1-3 Town match where there idiot reporter showed his class and inability to read a teamsheet, or match programme, and awarded Town's second goal to a certain Mr. "Scott Scannell". I presume he is the previously unknown, unsigned and unseen twin brother of Sean who everyone else seems to believe was playing. The last guy with that forename to play for us I think (Arfield) has been at Burnalee for well over a season. These guys should really stick to reporting the Prima Donna League where us proper football fans maybe won't spot so many howlers.

Over to you - don't leave it all to me. Smartass
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Reasons to drink real ale
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when Beckford was a town player he played in some world cup qualifiers for Jamaica . apparently according to the commentators of that game he was actually playing for Huddersfield City
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Mourinho moans about the lack of possession his team got at Newcastle due to the amount of possession the ball boys and crowd enjoyed.
Let's look at the stats.

Newcastle 34% Chelsea 66%
Newcastle 9 Chelsea 26
Shots on target
Newcastle 3 Chelsea 8
Newcastle 1 Chelsea 10
Newcastle 8 Chelsea 6
Newcastle 2-1 Chelsea

At what point did the crowd and the ball boys get a look-in Jose?
Interesting article from a certain Mr. Graham Westley in the FL paper today. He argues for a 2 minute time out in each half to be called by each manager to discuss changes in tacticts with his squad.
This, he says is because he saw a team cheat recently by telling their striker to go down with an injury so they could do this.
Please remind me who was manager at Stevenage a few season's back when (I will stand corrected if wrong) the self same FL paper reported that Stevenage players would allegedly go down with a mysterious injury about 20 mins into the half so the manager could get the team together for a quick chat?

That last post might be a bit short of a few "allegedly's".

And I can't spell tactics
According to SSN, Joe Ledley scored for Town today. It was Joe Lolley. Not much difference.
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My stoopid phone kept insisting it was Lilley

Apart from that it was a two yard screamer Smile

OK it was a tap in.
Reasons to drink real ale
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No retreat lads. No Surrender
Real Ale + Liver + Kidneys = Bud
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