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European Union Referendum - In or Out??
(02-03-2020, 14:41)0762 Wrote: I'm convinced that a lotta this stuff will be fully exposed as fact because we are stupidly following the unrecommended path to the worst form of Brexit and independent govt reports will eventually be corroborated to show up the lying bastards who will be the main beneficiaries from this nonsensical proposal and that includes the massive tax avoidance conspiracy that will be exposed when it happens. The tragedy of all this is that it is now formally happening and there is no turning back. At worst, these shameless Brexiters in govt can f### up "big time" and "walk away" for another replacement govt to "pick up the mess"!! Job done and an utter economic shambles established!!

It's quite incredible that there are people who think this can ''work'' somehow when the governments own utterances tell you we are going to be taking a big hit. And that's before that moron Liz Truss gets taken apart by the yanks.

The coming budget shows Austerity is going to wreak serious damage to those 'red wall' communities. There will be no sympathy from this corner I can xxxx tell you.

Whats saddest of all though is watching the UK Gov behave like an undemocratic union held together by force, treating Scotland and Wales with contempt but even more dangerously playing brinkmanship with the lives of the Irish people who are completely blameless in this tory led farce.
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Watching and listening to these Brit gov/Brexit scum bags, it is evident that this is a fascist political game of no rules i.e. governance by diktat, and from a devolved country's and citizen's perspective, their infantile, non-negotiable stance/shit behaviour is unsustainable and "something is gonna give" eventually in a political situation that is absolutely unbelievable, unprecedented in my life time, and IMO unresolvable although Scotindy is the obvious route to take in Scotland once the "shit really hits the fan".
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