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Oh, What A Goal!
In keeping with my suggestion that this board would be ideal for general sports nostalgia, how about a thread for all those classic goals you stayed up to watch on Match Of The Day, then raced out the next morning to try and replicate in the street and the park? The Ernie Hunt donkey kick, Ricky Villa in the cup final, Nayim from the halfway line... let's have 'em all!

But in light of the sad misfortunes which have beset Hereford recently, we'll kick off with happier times and the good old Radford Rocket...

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And as I've already mentioned him, let's see Ernie Hunt in action. Also, watch closely 22 seconds in: has Willie Carr suddenly spotted a dwarf he wants to shake hands with?

I practised that donkey kick until I had it off to perfection. Then they made it illegal. Sad
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I never had enough mates to practice this goal, 15passes and a crisp finish against the might of Man City....I was there  Thumb up

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Here's an old beauty from Mick Walsh, playing for Blackpool against Sunderland in 1975. Lucky the TV cameras were even there in the Second Division back then. In many ways, it's a shame that the evolution of the football and more frequent occurrence of goals like this has devalued the sense of wonder that somebody could strike an already-heavy ball, sodden with rainwater, off a muddy and uneven pitch and curl it inside the post from twenty yards out.

I gained my nickname from scoring a goal like this in a (park) game in an old Town shirt that looked like AC Milan.

Et in Arcadia Ego.

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Here's a blast from the past; Lynam and the Lightning Seeds in the run-down for goal of the season, 1993.

I may be biased but,....................

2x Premier League Champ 1x Championship Winner and World cup Winner
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