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Will Tiger Woods be back?
Now that Tiger Woods is in an indefinite break from golf due to a back injury, do you think the guy will still be back in the game? If so, do you think his performance will be the same? Or will this be the start of his decline?
Tiger Woods will probably never be the golfer that he once was but he would get on a lot better if the media kept out of his face and gave him a chance to get back to normality.
As a society we are very quick to put people up on a pedestal and sing their praises when they do well but we are as quick to kick them when their performances fall off.
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I'm sure none of the other golfing superstars had their game scrutinised in the way Tiger's has been as they faded away from the top of the game.
I have done my fair share of knocking him for his conduct. But can I also point out that I have never put him on a pedestal either? I have always been critical of him. Big Grin
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When I referred to people putting Tiger Woods on a pedestal I should have made it clear that I meant the media.
Like you, I have criticised Woods for his off course activities but I believe he should be left alone to wrestle the demons haunting him.
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If Tiger Woods is getting back to his best, as has been claimed by some TV pundits, I hope he has taken time to read the rules of golf again.
Yesterday we saw him drive his ball into a hazard on the 17th hole at the Greenbriar classic but he played his next shot more than 30 yards closer to the hole than where it crossed the hazard. It was pointed out in commentary but nothing seems to have been done about it.
Surely if it was dealt with before he signed his card a 2 stroke penalty should have been applied - if not he should be disqualified.
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Scottish Open starts Thursday. Not all the big names are in - But im gonna have a small punt on Shane Lowry at 25/1 (each way) If he keeps the quality of play up that I've seen from him over the last few months, I really think he can challenge, especially back in the UK on a course he is more familar with.
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