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Euros, here we come
Germany win 5-1 and a brutal lesson for Scotland tonight. Reality has indeed set in as feared by many Scotland fans incl myself. Germany outstanding and a huge gulf in class!! Scotland extremely poor with mistakes galore, lotsa players off the pace of the game, some invisible and huge questions raised re the goalkeeper, Angus Gunn!! Has this goalie finally been found out in a serious game that mattered!!!? Ralston's position quickly "found out" by Germany, Porteous red-carded and an idiot - Gundogan lucky not to have a broken leg!! The first Germany goal set the tone of this match with Gunn at fault - not an out n out "howler", but save the shot and prove you are a top international goalie son!!! Failed the "acid test"!! Scotland's A game wouldn't have been good enough v Germany anyway. However, this was not an acceptable level of performance at all esp in front of a fabulous Scotland support that deserved better than this non-performance - note: not a single shot on the Germany goal!!? We move on, but a massive post-mortem should take place after this sham. And hopefully a positive reaction to follow v Switzerland in Cologne. My biggest concern before this match ever began was the fact lots of these Scotland players have seen the back end of a long, hard football season. These players collectively raising their game to a decent level in three consecutive Euro group matches was gonna be a huge challenge in my humble opinion. That concern confirmed tonight although a lotta Scottish footie fans (coupled to the ridiculous "over the top" media/bbc coverage) tend to mistakenly think these players are as "fresh as daisies" and ready to go.
Steve Clarke's post-match comment: "We're a better team than that!! Keep the faith"!! Fingers crossed there is a huge improvement in performance and team selection.
We were outthought, outfought and outclassed tonight. 4 points was the target and still is. Even 6 is possible to top the Group! Whistle

Judging by tonight's game, any points at all will be welcomed. To achieve anything against Switzerland on Wednesday, we'll need to be a hundred times better and a hundred times more committed. Still, we'll probably have no chance after Wednesday and then batter Hungary when it's too late. It's what Scotland do. Doh
Cabbage is still good for you
That was xxxx pitiful.

Tactics were all wrong and we paid the price early on. Most of that was on Clarke.

Gunn chucked 2 goals in and his kicking was pish.

Porteous challenge was horrendous. Idiot, and we all know he has that in him.

Ralston nowhere near good enough positionally.

Midfield non existent and way too narrow.

Germany played like a very good European club side with a good manager and they will take some stopping.

Big improvement required on wednesday and the goal difference already potentially a problem.
A much more spirited performance and a deserved 1-1 draw with switzerland. A win v Hungary in the final game could be enough to see us through.

We lack the quality needed at this level though, our defenders aren't comfortable on the ball, and we lack a natural goalscorer. However we made it competitive and a draw was probably a fair result at the end of the day.

Mctominay was everywhere for us and did a shift defensively as well, Mcginn virtually anonymous. Gunn made a couple of smart stops.

Tierney's injury is a blow, i'd hope we would move to a flat back 4 (which would help ralston) but i'm not sure clarke will.

Onwards to sunday.....And what a support we have by the way. They deserve some good fortune.
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