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MLS Thread
The forum needs one!

Uk players been going over since Chris Woods, Mo Johnstone and Ian Butterworth and theres still a crowd out there

Massive signing today

Toronto FC have signed Juventus and Italy striker Sebastian Giovinco.

The 27-year-old, who has won 21 caps for his country, will join Jozy Altidore up front for the Major League Soccer side after they signed the US striker in exchange for Jermain Defoe.
I enjoy MLS, and put a lot of time and effort into maintaining a dedicated thread for it on New 606. Unfortunately it was only used by two or three of us, and even that interest waned a bit in the end, so I haven't bothered re-creating it on here. Will still be watching though; great to see it back on British TV after BT ditched it last summer too.

Good start for Toronto's new stars, but they did the same thing last year with "marquee signings" and it all went tits up; if you can't forge a proper team in the long-term, you'll win nothing.

I've a fondness for San Jose myself. New coach and a load of new faces, and the good news for all of them is that they can't do any worse that they did last year.
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