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Prediction League Results/Tables Week 28
Premier League

Player Pts CS CR GB BB SB
B.B.B. 18 2 1 10 3 1
Sanjay 10 2 2 NP -3 1
St Charles 8 0 4 5 -3 0
Twerton 8 1 3 -3 3 0
Bomber 6 0 3 5 -3 0
A.A.A. 5 0 4 NP -3 0
Amelia 5 0 3 -3 3 0
Derby 4 0 3 -3 3 0
Themaclad 4 0 3 -3 3 0
Snooty -3 0 1 -3 -3 1

As we head into the final weeks of this seasons prediction league form is all important, as it is in the real football world.  There is no denying that BBB has showed good form all season but he is on a superb run at the moment and again tops the table with 18 points.  He actually only scored on 4 games but got a spot on Gamball and 2 CSs!!  Sanjay actually scored on more games than BBB but finished a huge 8 points behind him!!  This is the difference the Gamball and Bonus ball makes although Sanjay not playing the Gamball did save him three points this week.  The top three is completed by St Charles both in the table and this weeks scores, he managed 8 points including a CR Gamball.  Twerton was in joint 3rd with SCO, a place he was in last week and when I updated the results table his scores this week were identical to his scores last week!!

Bomber is 5th on 6 points, he was the only other person to score points on the Gamball.  AAA and Amelia were joint 6th with 5 points,  AAA didn't score any points from his balls whereas Amelia did get a CR on the Bonus.  Derby and Themaclad are joint 8th with 4 points.  They had identical records to boot, both missing the Gamball but hitting the Bonus.

Bottom of the pile for the second week in a row is Lord Snooty, he recorded a maximum -6 last week and did improve slightly to only -3 this week but he is absolutely going backwards at the moment.  He is absolutely replicating his real team in terms of form and like Huddersfield is probably lucky that there aren't more weeks left or he could be in real relegation trouble!!!

BBB - 321
St Charles - 251
Sanjay - 250
Bomber - 243
AAA - 226
Lord Snooty - 216
Amelia - 209
Derby - 204
Themaclad - 183
Twerton - 170

No positional changes this week.  BBB has the title done and dusted.  Bomber lost ground on SCO and Sanjay but is still only 8 points off second spot, so all to play for there.  Lord Snooty is in danger of being dragged back into the relegation PO spot, he is now only 12 points ahead of Derby who currently sits in that spot with Amelia sandwiched between the two!! Blush The bottom two are still adrift and it looks like their fates are sealed!!



Zinman      9pts 0CS 4CR 0GB 3BB 0SB
BaggieOne  8pts 0CS 4CR 5GB -3BB 0SB
Somerset    7pts 0CS 5CR 0GB -3BB 0SB
Stairs         6pts 0CS 2CR 0GB 3BB 1SB
Silver          4pts 1CS 4CR -3GB -3BB 0SB
Joker          2pts 0CS 4CR -3GB -3BB 0SB
Minizin        1pt  0CS 2CR 0GB -3BB 0SB
DD              0pts 1CS 2CR -3GB -3BB 0SB
Lady Jane    0pts 0CS 3CR -3GB -3BB 0SB

Does anyone actually want to get promotion to the Premier League? I know you have to put up with VAR, dodgy refs and even dodgier players (yes, you, Bomber) but looking at recent scores it seems we would all rather stay in the Championship with its entirely nicer, more polite participants.

A week that saw just one correct scoreball, 2 correct bonuses, 2 correct scores but 4 correct gamball predictions - pity only one of those 4 was brave enough to play it. Nobody reached double figures and with just 9 points separating everybody, there won't be much change in the overall table.

Zinman spluttered his way to the top this week with an entirely unspectacular 9 points thanks to 4 correct results including his bonus and the gamball (which, obviously he wimped out on). BaggieOne took second place and will stay in the promotion chase thanks to being the only recipient of the extra gamball points. Somerset scored on the week's high of 5 games but couldn't get a correct score and also lost out on his bonus so was only able to secure 3rd place. If only he'd played the gamball!

Stairs only got 2 results right but they happened to be his bonus and gamball (yes, you've guessed it - he didn't play it) - just 2 correct results but good enough for 4th place. A massive gap (this week a 2 point gap is massive!) to Silver - he actually got a correct score but was held back by his negative balls. A similar story for Joker without the correct score for a return of just 2 points.

Minizin may be our league leader but his recent struggles continued with just 2 correct results and just a single point - he was saved from being this week's minusman by his refusal to play the gamball.

DD and Lady Jane went into the week in the bottom 2 positions and given that both of them scored zero points, something tells me they'll still be there at the end of the weekend!

Minizin 270
Silver 251
Zinman 248
BaggieOne 244
Stairs 237
Somerset 230
Joker 217
DD 210
Lady Jane 200

No changes in overall positions this week. Minizin may be struggling recently but as nobody seems able to put a decent run together his position as champion looks all but assured (and it really pains me to write that - come on guys, do me a favour). The competition for the second promotion and play off places looks like it will go to the wire - Silver retains second place but Zinman is now only 3 points behind with BaggieOne just 4 points further back. Stairs and Somerset can't be discounted just yet - one good week would bring both of them into contention. Joker looks safe from having to apply for re-election (showing my age there - if anyone doesn't understand, ask your Grandad) particularly given DD and LJ's personal battle for bottom place.

Nearly there.

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