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European Super League
(21-04-2021, 15:24)hibeejim21 Wrote: Press in Spain are saying that from 2024 UEFA are going to switch to a co-efficient style deal on CL qualification for clubs that didn't qualify.

So Man Utd for example will still play CL football if they finish 6th and say West Ham finish 5th. With West Ham dropping to the europa.

Its gonna be a super league after all, but UEFA want to keep control of it....for now.

That was on the table before all this ESL rubbish, fans should now go back to the clubs and tell them that isn't right either.

This is footballs chance to put its house in order in Europe.

Scrap the 4 Automatic spots for England, why should we have so many and yet Scottish champions have to go through several qualifiers. The same applies for the other countries. How are they supposed to progress if they don't get the chance and the finances to compete.

The Top 23 countries based on co-efficient rankings get the Champions straight into the groups
Plus the Europa League winners into the Groups
The remaining 32 countries play off for the remaining for the last 8 places. (32/16/8winners)

Give them a chance, the way it is structured now is they have no chance because sooner or later they will come unstuck in qualifier against a big club that finished 4 in the big leagues
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This ESL rubbish was always going to be based on coefficients anyway when it came to inviting the "other five clubs" but as Wakey says it's even more bollocks. Another "Leicester" winning the League with little experience of European football wouldn't qualify yet the so called big 6 can finish mid-table and will qualify for one or the other tournaments based on past results. How do you improve your coefficient (or even get one) if you aren't allowed to compete?

Why don't we start all our Leagues with the teams that have won the League given a point per title head start over those that haven't and those that have won the Cups go straight to the last 32? Simple - because it rewards recent failure and past success. Now where did I just hear that in relation to some tin-pot European thing?

Hopefully the likes of Bayern Munich will also tell UEFA where to stick that one.

In case you missed it, Bodgit won the World Cup maclad, also scuppering Italy's chances in the process, did you not know that? Tongue
[Image: 3422.jpg?width=940&quality=85&auto=forma...9b936be7b8]

To be honest I'd rather the dickhead in Italy give Bodgit the credit, it just goes to show how out of touch with reality and their own supporters these idiots running some European clubs (including ours) really are. We've enough of our own idiots on other forums saying Deano should have sold out to some rich American no-names. Well just look what we could have won if he had? and it wouldn't have been a Bendy Bully or a speedboat when you live in a block of flats in the middle of Brum.

An additional question to the dickhead Liverpool and other club's supporters who write on forums and online newspaper comments that they are "too big" to be playing "little clubs like ours", while totally forgetting that beating "little clubs like ours" is why they are or were top (at the time) of the Prima Donna League instead of being mid-table in a 6 club division. You are the reason why your owners even discussed this proposition. Where are they now by the way, Liverpool that is? Mustn't be playing too many of "our little clubs" these days then, eh?
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Reasons to drink real ale
[Image: c258fe308066c13663718b49d134b4123275c723...215a_large]
No retreat lads. No Surrender
Real Ale + Liver + Kidneys = Bud
Used to love the days of the European Cup, Cup Winners Cup and Fairs Cup two legged magnificence
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Have you heard about the news on Mizar 5
People got to shout to stay alive

@themaclad  twitter account
And a few refs on the take. Oh how we laughed.
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Reasons to drink real ale
[Image: c258fe308066c13663718b49d134b4123275c723...215a_large]
No retreat lads. No Surrender
Real Ale + Liver + Kidneys = Bud
Nice protest going on at Old Trafford this afternoon. Mostly just kids having a laugh, but good on them.
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