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The Big Six Are Off
So it has been rumoured for years but it looks like it is finally happening the big six Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham have all signed up to to a European Super League. Good or bad it proves if there was any doubt at all that its all about the money and who gives a dam about football. Interesting times.
Hope it goes through; might give the rest of us a bit of a chance.
Looks like the Premier league and Uefa are going to try to stop it tho.

I wonder if fans of the 'big six' are going to be happy to travel all around Europe to follow their beloved teams.

Oh wait, I'd forgotten; the actual fans don't matter. Whistle Sad Angry
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With French and German top clubs declining joining the new Super League it's never gonna happen. The European cup games will become more cash focused. More money for the top clubs and less for the rest of us.
2020 the year the bubble burst  Doh
What about Wet Sham, they won the World cup don`t you know.?/

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I love how they are including arsenal among Europes 'top clubs' Laugh

All these billionaire club owners are destroying football.
My suspicion is that with the Champions League being revamped for next reason, this is a deliberate bit of sabre-rattling from the clubs involved, trying on the old "you need us more than we need you" attitude to get themselves some cushy concessions. Would love the powers-that-be to call their bluff and hit them with whatever sanctions and points deductions they can throw.
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I think it's more about massive audiences in India and China, and the media changing. Skys model is coming to an end.

The only reason Arsenal and Spurs are involved is because they have huge supports in the emerging markets. The latter stages of the Champions League has been boring for years now. The same clubs playing each other - now they want to do it for 5 times the money.
The majority of the supporters of these clubs nowadays have probably never been near their respective grounds, if this does go through it won't be long before games are being played all over the world and the stadiums will be full. They really couldn't give a toss about the generations of fans who have had to skimp and save to get their tickets, generation after generation to get these clubs where they are today. Before someone suggests its the billionaire who have got them where they are, they billionaires would not have been interested in them if they were not viable. The only way they will be made pay is enough fans refuse to subscribe to watch them and that won't happen and the clubs know it. The Premier league seem to forget their actions, as well, today is only the natural progression of what they did in 1992.
Right, the chairman of this Super League has now issued a statement to clarify matters, and it seems that the Big Six aren't off after all. The ESL will be a midweek competition intended to replace the Champions League for those that participate, while they continue to compete in their domestic leagues at the weekend.

So unless the FA or the Premier League actively expel them for this little mutiny, they're not going anywhere.
Its more an act of piracy than mutiny.....Absolute chancing bastards.
These 'elite clubs' do not care about Europe and their core supports, they want the billions they can make in Qatar, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai etc.

UEFA should kick these clubs out their competitions first thing in the morning.
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