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The Owls v Blackburn, formerly Bristol City SBC Match Thread
Remaining fixtures:

SWFC - 39 points
Boro (a)
Forest (h)
Derby (a)

Rotherham - 39 points
Barnsley (a)
Brentford (a)
Blackburn (h)
Luton (a)
Cardiff (a)

Derby - 43 points
Birmingham (h)
Swansea (a)
SWFC (h)

Huddesrfield - 47 points
Blackburn (a)
Coventry (h)
Reading (a)

First of all we need to win all our games, that is pretty much required. If, and its a big if, we do that then we will end on 48 points. So Huddersfield need one win and I think they will get that out of one of those games, Derby need two wins, so if we win all our remaining games then they will have to win their other two. I can see them getting something at home to Brum but nothing at Swansea. I think Rotherham could pick up 2 wins and maybe a draw from their final games, but if we win all three of ours then we will end up above them.

Back to where I started, we need to win all three games, if we do I think we will stay up. Challenge is when did we last win 4 games on the trot!!! We might squeak it if we draw one and win 2, as long as one of the wins is at Derby but even that is a tall order for us. It certainly looks marginally better than it did before Moore came in and I don't think any of us thought it would go this far with the form we were showing but we do have a chance thanks to the poor form of Rotherham, Derby and Huddersfield.

Just to add we have won three games on the trot once this season and won 2 & drawn 1 twice.

Last time we won 4 games on the trot was February 2017 - Wigan, Birmingham, Blackburn and Forest.
BML Update:

No Smartass awarded for either game.
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Can't see us getting 6pts nevermind 9pts infact looking at the games normally we we would be lucky to get 3pts ..
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Don't put your house on it that's a fact
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(22-04-2021, 14:08)Statesideowl Wrote: Don't put your house on it that's a fact

Thankfully I have never bet a penny on Wednesday, way too much of a wild card since I have followed them!!!!
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