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F1 2021 reviews
They could have at least put them on the same tyres or neutralised the race with a virtual safety car or red flagged it and said stay on the tyres you are on or put whatever you want on that you've got left and raced for 5 laps instead of 1. It was Hamilton's to lose until the crazy Canuck forgot what his steering wheel and brakes were invented for.

Crash wasn't getting close on his previous "fresh" rubber, he got three free bites of the cherry thanks to a race director that doesn't react well under pressure.
1. changed tyres with about 20 laps to go - wasn't making much impression, then the Canuck bent his car on a barrier,
2. changed tyres again, gambling the race would restart but knowing if it did Hamilton couldn't do anything,
3. got a free move from ~15 seconds back to right up Hamilton's exhaust pipes.

It might be "racing" but it gave Crash the equivalent of a machine gun and Hamilton a water pistol in a shoot-out.

Some of the other decisions earlier in the race didn't seem to jive with decisions made in previous races either, or at least I wasn't aware of explanations as to why That was the stewards, not the race director. Consistency, how many times do we ask for it in football?

Hamilton had the decency to hang around for the full podium presentation, unlike someone else who disappeared last week to go and throw his rattle out of the pram.
A guide to cask ale.

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Multi-tasking. I can listen, ignore and forget all at the same time.
Toto and Lewis have been put down.
Mercedes have told them they don't decide anything. F1 is an advertising stream for Mercedes and controversial shouting matches damage the brand.
Shut up and get back to work or we will replace you is the order of the day.
2020 the year the bubble burst  Doh
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