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Hibs v Livingston, Sat 22 Feb, KO 3.00pm - 0762 - 19-02-2020

It is interesting that Hibs have created this "huge match" with a gradual improvement in results and picking up vital pts. Now we have a home advantage to finally catch up with Livingston and poss push on to the next fight for 3rd or 4th place in the Scot Prem. Confidence is high and we have a good, positive momentum "ticking over" in a team that, at last, has a "goal threat". I think the challenge for JR is to try to strengthen our defence in some way. I notice they have just signed Efe Ambrose and it is, no doubt, to cover for the loss to injury of big Marv - that position is "key" to their season being so good. However, I think he is not match fit (never played for months!) but it is likely they'll play him! C'mon Hibs. Lets "push on" v a team that has a very poor away record!!


RE: Hibs v Livingston, Sat 22 Feb, KO 3.00pm - 0762 - 23-02-2020

A 1-1 draw in tricky weather conditions was really unacceptable in a match which could be accurately described as Hibs v the Livy goalie, Mcrorie who put in an excellent display. Hibs not clinical enough in front of goal (20 shots on goal and 1 GOAL SCORED!!?) and missing another pk is just so disappointing - just "bury" the baw past any goalie and accept this gift/award with both hands eh!!! It looks like we have a pk prob AGAIN!!!! And also scoring a goal and conceding soon after is another bad habit that Hibs defenders really need to eradicate!!! Thumb down Hibs have lost 25 pts from winning positions - a shocker and grounds for major improvement. To think if Hibs had deservedly won today they would've been right behind the Dons who are now in 4th place - another "throwaway" but we never lost and need to move on quickly and pick up the momentum.

RE: Hibs v Livingston, Sat 22 Feb, KO 3.00pm - 1Wattie - 23-02-2020

Another 2 points gone in a match we tooked fairly comfortable in for long spells.
I feel that a few of our players are not giving 100% and that makes it difficult to push on when we get ahead and as 0762 points out has cost us around 25 points this season. There's no guarantee we should have taken them all but 6 or 8 of those polenta would have us pushing for a top 3 spot.
IL's very frustrating being a Hibby but we all love the challenge

RE: Hibs v Livingston, Sat 22 Feb, KO 3.00pm - hibeejim21 - 23-02-2020

The weather was horrible the day, the kind of day that makes you wonder if you are nuts going to fitba Laugh

What can you say ? I thought we weren't very good the day - each game seems to provide as many questions as answers. I can see the improvements we have made from the days of the Yorkshire bore, and Jack has actually got his signings performing. But the ropey defending and soft mentality just does us way too often. There has been a real lack of toughness about hibs for too long now.

With Aberdeen and Motherwell dropping points the day 3 points were a must.

Oh and I though efe played pretty decent for someone who hasn't played for a year.

RE: Hibs v Livingston, Sat 22 Feb, KO 3.00pm - BouncingHibees - 23-02-2020

Pretty much the usual throwing away a lead after scoring a goal, not surprising the amount of points weve dropped from winning positions. Think maybe we should give Docherty the next penalty, cant be any worse.

A nice cup tie to look forward too next and will hopefully set us up to give Hearts a doing in the Derby.

RE: Hibs v Livingston, Sat 22 Feb, KO 3.00pm - 0762 - 23-02-2020

Give the next pk to Paul Hanlon - not taken many but never missed the ones that he has kicked.