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European Super League - Lord Snooty - 18-04-2021

I can't believe Phil Hodgkinson has not made an announcement yet stating that Huddersfield Town will not be breaking away from the EFL to be part of this proposed European Super League. Until such a statement is made, I assume that we are one of the six supposed top clubs said to be behind this move.

In the mean time, here's Gary Neville's take on this subject. What do you's think about this?

RE: European Super League - 0762 - 18-04-2021

Very good comments by Gary Neville on Sky Sports! The key word being "impostors" and certainly sheer greed and self-interest/protection very high up in the criticism of the Premiership clubs who wanna participate in this Super League with lotsa potential dosh attached to it. ALL ABOUT THE MONEY AS USUAL. AS FOR THE FANS? WHO?? I recall a famous comment by Sir Matt Busby and previously by the great Jock Stein - FOOTBALL IS NOTHING WITHOUT THE FANS!! That says it all! UEFA already issuing a statement that all participating players will be banned from playing in their domestic competitions plus no international call ups allowed either.

RE: European Super League - St Charles Owl - 19-04-2021

I would be interested to hear from supporters of this so called Big 6 and truly see what they think. They get their bragging rights and joy out of winning the league and cup, the CL is always a cherry on the cake for fans, its about the league. Gary Neville is spot on, deduct them all points and fine them heavily, if they don’t give a crap about the Pl and the pyramid below it then let someone else win it who deserves it, let Leicester, West Ham, Everton and L**ds take the CL spots next season and keep Fulham, WBA and Sheff Utd in the PL and relegate three of these teams!!

I know its for money, I get they want more and more but I would like to see their own fans reject this and vow not to attend and I would push Sky Sports to announce they will not bid for the rights to the games. Let them go and see how they cope without any English interest or audience!!

RE: European Super League - hibeejim21 - 19-04-2021

It's not really going to be a competition. It's glorified friendly cup games for the Asian market, probably backed by amazon prime or some of the other big tech giants. It could be very bad news for sky and Uefa if it happens.

The leagues should kick these clubs out straight away and deny them any money. Hard to disagree with Neville, but this is the net result of having so many foreign billionaires owning the big clubs.

RE: European Super League - WakeyTerrier - 19-04-2021

This kind of thing has been coming for years.
Started off as 11 teams when the news broke, quickly became 12 and in the statement from the ESL will be 20 teams when it gets going.
As Hibeejim21 says its for the Asian market, they will either sell TV rights for Billions or will sell the games in house on a pay per view basis either way it will sell around the world. The same goes for advertising revenue, gone are the days when local companies sponsor the club its all betting companies targeting the far east.

Let them go, from the English point of view ban all of the clubs from playing in our domestic League and Cup competitions. Ban them from European competitions (not that they are bothered about that).
Ban any players that play in the ESL from playing in UEFA/FIFA organised tournaments.

I for one won't miss them, When we got to the Premier League I thought we'd made it but all it made me do was realise that the PL was actually all about the big six. I've been to Old's a souless place full of tourist football supporters in the main, the same applies for Liverpool and Arsenal.

Dissolve the Premier League, restructure the EFL into
20 team Championship
20 team League 1
24 team League 2
24 team League 3 (promoting 2 from the National Conference to make the numbers up)

Distribute any TV money more evenly across the Divisions

RE: European Super League - Lord Snooty - 19-04-2021

Yes but where will the tv money come from? Who's gonna pay millions of pounds to broadcast Burnley v Southampton? We need those so called big clubs to land the big money deals, and they know it.
This is the end of football as we know it.

RE: European Super League - WakeyTerrier - 19-04-2021

Admittedly it won't be at the levels of the current Premier League TV deals but given that the EFL have a TV deal, the National Conference have a TV deal then I would suggest that the demand for English football is there.
As I understand it the last deal for the EFL could've been so much more than it is now

RE: European Super League - themaclad - 19-04-2021

Personal view as far as I'm concerned they can all f**k off

RE: European Super League - theo_luddite - 19-04-2021

Copied and pasted from my comment on The Baggies thread on the same subject.

If this announcement (no, not the one from Spurs about Maureen) had been made on Thursday morning 18 days ago it would have been more believable.

Still, I look forward to the day when Barca and Juve fans say they are bored with playing against little English clubs that never win anything or are at best only ever mid-table (like some of them aren't already). We want to play against the best teams all round the world every week, not in this tin-pot competition.

(19-04-2021, 09:26)Lord Snooty Wrote: Yes but where will the tv money come from? Who's gonna pay millions of pounds to broadcast Burnley v Southampton? We need those so called big clubs to land the big money deals, and they know it.
This is the end of football as we know it.

The "big" clubs cream off ~80% of the big deals now, though at the time they formed the Prima Donna League to wrestle money from the FL, FA etc. they didn't dream that The Blue Mancs and Chelski as examples would find another way to get rich quick and also want a share of the spoils.

A deal that is worth 20% of the current Prima Donna league deal will still net the remaining EFL clubs, as they will surely all become again, the same amount of money which is enough to get by on when you don't have half a dozen clubs paying a bunch of guys £100's of £1000's a week to kick a bag of wind around or just sit in the stand.

RE: European Super League - Lord Snooty - 19-04-2021

Ironic seeing the Leeds chairman holding up a banner saying football is for the fans when his club charged forty quid a ticket for away fans.