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Full Version: Three Points for the Administrators?
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Only now Braintree have been deducted three points for fielding an illegal player when beating Fylde.

Had Fylde won that game they'd have finished above Wrexham on Goal Difference. So Wrexham wouldn't have faced Eastleigh in the play-offs, a match they lost. Fylde would have played Harrogate. Who knows what that result would have been? Would Fylde have made the final to play for an EFL place? Would Salford have won against a different opponent.

So the question has to be asked as the game in question was played on April 12th why has this taken six weeks to be dealt with. If Braintree were at least inefficient in not knowing when their loaned player's loan was ending, then how slow were the National League and the FA in working out that this had happened. Surely it is not beyond the wit of digital technology automatically to flag up these problems within minutes?

If Braintree deserve a three-point deduction what punishment do those in charge deserve for their inefficiency? The moment Fylde were cheated out of three points the futures of every club involved surely changed?