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Full Version: lost generation of BME coaches'
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Former England defender Chris Powell says football "lost a generation of talent" by failing to encourage more black players to become coaches.

The Southend boss, 48, is one of only eight BME managers at English football's 92 league clubs.

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Personally no problem with Race, gender, skin color, sex ,age, religion etc and certainly push for diversity of coaches

Powell always comes across as a likeable intelligent guy but we end up with the Sol Campbell thing that he dosent get hired because of his skin color

Do Chairman really sit around saying "We aren't having a black manager because off the top of my head I can only think of Paul Ince and Jean Tigana who have got sides promoted thus we need a white manager! "

Batson, Agboola, Cunningham, Regis, Moses, Anderson, Daley, Gayle, Barnes, Blissett, Chamberlain, Thompson, Fashanu, Chidozie, Crooks, Davis, Rocastle, Berry,Hiliare, Carr, I guess those are the names from my growing up generation and looking at the list how many did go into management? Two, I know of

There is no right answer, plenty of for/against`s and arguments either way without sounding racial

Thought would be an interesting thread
When we appointed Powell at Town, he was one of two black managers in the FL. Now there are 8, so it's going in the right direction.

I think the most pertinent question in all this came a few years ago from that nice Mr Paul Ince, who questioned why he had to start down the leagues in management at Macclesfield, whereas his white team mates went straight in, with no experience into Premier League clubs. Looks like it's still happening with Ryan Giggs and Phil Neville walking straight into top international jobs.
Really torn on this one

Look at the Top flight ten years from the first list of names:

Wright, Davis, Rocastle, Campbell, Atkinson, Yorke, Barrett, Ehigou, Armstrong, Shaw, Williams, Stein, Furlong, Newton, Fairclough, Whyte, D Wallace, R Wallace, Sinclair, Ferdinand, White, Impey, Walters, James, Parker, Mcgrath, Ince, Dublin, Cole, Lyttle, Bart Williams, Collymore,Monkou, Anderson, Palmer, Bright, Dozzell, Wilson, Kiwomya, Earle, Ekoku, Gayle, Fashanu again personal choice but the amount of names who havent gone onto more in Football

I`m not in the World saying they shouldn't interview for jobs until they have a quota of disabilities, black and Polish workers but equality has to be fair, I dont know what this is like in English cricket or Rugby?