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Full Version: Promoted to the Premier League
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Congratulations Brighton fans!

Chris Hughton has already said that he will not splash the cash on improving his squad and that the current players deserve to be shown loyalty after all that they have achieved.

But surely a few players need to go and others need to be brought in if you will survive next season?
Managers always say that when the get promoted but nearly always end up buying at least half a dozen new players anyway.
Congratulations Brighton. Best way to avoid the playoffs. Pleased for you, especially for Chris Houghton. I hope you finish as champions. All the best in the future. Hopefully we'll be joining you sooner rather than later.
Congratulations on joining the original and still the best Albion in the greed league. It will be hard with highs and lows, don't get to carried away with good results or disheartened with bad ones. Enjoy, make memories but most of all sing your hearts out. Chris Hughton has been there before that will help. Avoid the drop ..... first two years are the hardest.

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