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Full Version: Nicola Sturgeon finally begins the process of separation!
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And about time too!! Nicola formally calling for a Section 30 order in a very good, statesmanlike speech - another Scottish referendum coming as the 'mood' is gradually changing up here towards the intransigent Tory unionist c#### who have contemptuously disregarded Scotland's interests in all the negotiations that followed the disappointing result of the EU referendum in July last year! And well timed too as the Tories push their move to trigger Article 50 tomorrow unhindered!!
Finally is the most important word there. I'm glad to see she has finally found the courage of her convictions after 9 months of moaning and threatening tactics. When she finally manages to understand the principle that Scotland is not a member of the EU and has no associated rights, I will begin to take her seriously.

As to the proposed referendum, there's no doubt the intransigence will apply to both the Leave and Remain campaigns in Westminster and Holyrood and the deep divisions will once again rise to the surface, after simmering away since the 2014 referendum.
Moaning and threatening tactics????? I'd call it a period of continuous negotiation on behalf of Scotland's interests where I suggest that any pro union critic actually listens to what Nicola Sturgeon has described in her speech to formally seek  approval for a Section 30 (Scotland Act) order!!! The word 'intransigence' rings loud n clear! Also one has to query if there will be a referendum although I personally view it as inevitable. Another 'angle' is Nicola is calling Cruella's bluff and she's quickly ensuring that a Scot referendum is there to be utilised well before the Tories FINALLY crash the UK bus - more to the point and the 'mood' within Scotland definitely changes against a hard brexit UK RW Tory govt that nobody wants to see north of the border!!!
Great speech by her today. We have been pushed into an impossible position by right wing tories.
I'm already listening to the unionist resurrection of much of the shit/rhetoric that these shameless b####### uttered during their poisonous anti indy propaganda 'project fear' campaign in 2014!! Clearly there are frightened unionist opponents out there who are using their 'once in a generation' reasoning and 'get on with the day job' crap to force home their anti 'opinion' on the subject! Some of the unionist erses who suggest that their views represent the views of the whole of the Scottish people are absolutely shameless and reek of the usual political game playing that these c### firmly believe is all part n parcel of their previous 'project fear' tactics - one reason why I regard this latest SNP action as 'unfinished business' and I'd luv to take down these morons with a fully endorsed formal vote for separation. Watching Cruella's reaction on bbc tv and hearing the words 'division', 'tunnel vision', 'uncertainty' all these negative fear words slipped into her response. The biggest laugh is her last line: 'Instead of playing politics with the future of our country blah blah blah blah!!! The Tories have been playing f###### politics with the future of our country for a long time - what a total hypocrite!!
Ecky just on tearing strips off ex PM Cameron's iffy mandate to call an EU referendum in the first place on only about 30% of the UK vote and Cruella having no mandate from the UK voting population - an unelected PM!! Solid leadership is the main theme of Salmond's assertions!
Bit of an overreaction because we beat you in the Rugby.
Ha ha ha! If only politics was as light-hearted as we treat sports like rugby union eh! Smile Serious stuff and for good reason when observing the contemptuous shenanigans of a right-wing Tory govt that is intensely disliked by a huge proportion of the Scottish population!!
I've come to the conclusion if Scotland leave you leave if you stay you stay. I also don't think Britain will leave the EU something will stop it and we will end up remaining anyway.
"Continuous negotiation"? I'd call it demanding concessions which you know full well can't be given in a vain attempt to influence the political conversation.

However, just to re-iterate a much earlier personal viewpoint - I am not a Tory and certainly no admirer of Theresa May. I view her much the same as I view Nicola Sturgeon - not to be trusted. Neither woman will be browbeaten into submission, so I expect a nasty, vindictive 2 or 3 years ahead.

With regard to the EU Referendum, I understood that all parties agreed to the proposed Referendum vote in the House of Commons - the sovereignty of Parliament and all that!
I think if your last comment became reality then it could poss change the direction in which we are travelling. However, it's right-wing Tories who we are observing and if any political group could be relied upon to 'mess up' this brexit farce, it's them! I don't recognise a single heavyweight politician in their midst either!
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