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Full Version: Well done Barnsley
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Congratulations to Barnsley for winning the JPT final against Oxford Utd at Wembley. 3-2 was the final score.  Thumb up
Winning goal from Adam Hammill. Thumb up
It will be a pub question in years to come.

"Who was the last Football League team to win the Johnstone's Paint Trophy before Premier League B teams were introduced?"
It won't be the Paint Trophy in future though will it? So it'll be a really difficult question actually to ask, how do you phrase it? Barnsley will be the last team to win the Johnstone's Paint ........

Not many people know who plays for the Football League trophy now ...... or why ......

When it's the M&S Get Your Pants Here Trophy, you'd spend half an hour explaining the question before you could ask it. And who wants Barnsley to be the answer to anything - specially after they hammer us this afto?
One thing I've thought about is let's say U21 teams or B teams are allowed into the Football League Trophy and let's say the final is Chelsea U21s vs Manchester City U21s. Will Chelsea and Manchester City play there U21s or will they play the first teamers instead? Because they could both turn around and say to the FA whose going to want to go to Wembley to watch the U21s? and if they say that then they are contradicting themselves as they shouldn't be in the bloody competition in the first place.