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Full Version: Superbowl XLIX - New England v Seattle Seahawks
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Well just finished running through my email ready for work tomorrow and I realise this 'Big' event has just started.

I would actually watch this in full if it were on at a sensible time for the UK but when it has only just got started at 11:30pm on Sunday evening I really can't invest the time. I did years ago, New England v Chicago Bears.

If anyone is watching and wants to chat with each other to share the experience - do it here?
Watched it from start to finish, thankfully for me it started at 3.30pm!!! Tongue Unfortunately for you guys across the pond it will always be at an anti-social time as it has to be on in the afternoon on the West Coast and Hawaii, but not too late in the evening on the East Coast!!

In the end it was a classic game, went right down to the last play and the last 5 minutes included an 86 yard touchdown drive fro the Patriotsto take the lead, an 80-odd yard drive in the final 2 minutes by Seattle, a crazy circus play on the 6 yard line, an interception by the Patriots on the goal line to win it and then a mass fight on the next play with a player ejected!!!! Absolute classic!!!

Oh, and the Patriots won the game!!!
It did look to be a classic. Shame, as you say, that it is such a bad time for us in the UK.