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Full Version: Euro 2020|2021
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Here is the thread for the Euros so not to block up the real football thread that that we care about sorry i meen use to care about Doh
this thread will be mostly made up off us taking the piss out off hibijibi at the start Whistle and himself getting his own back afterwards when our set off losing divas let us down once more Doh

ill not bother with any Smartass for the bml but for boredom you can put youre predictions down per game and put the possible winner down before the circus starts Thumb up

observations after a 5 minute glance Whistle

The group off death has France Germany and Portugal all thrown in it Thumb up

Our group is close behind with Croatia scotland and the czechs who nobody ever knows if they will turn it on or not Huh theyve beaten England once last year so we will surely be going into that very cautious indeed. the jocks have a solid team aswell and are less diva like so that could throw some problems at the losers Doh but i think we will sneak into the next round just Thumb up

Belgium and Spain seem to have paid UEFA off with there groups and will the italians or dutch turn up are my views.

My head says the Belgium's or at least definate semi finalists or finalists but i just cant see them winning it as they are as much use as England at winning trophy's

Winners Netherlands Smartass

England out in quarters Smartass

Scotland and Wales out in the group stages Smartass

Friday june 11th the tournement kicks off with Turkey v Italy ripping chunks out off each other and diving around like ponces no doubt Whistle our first game is against Croatia on the sunday while the jocks play on monday Thumb up

Have fun remember not to make any particular plans for this shite Whistle and carry on regardless of the idiot media saying its coming home wank time and time again Doh infact try to forget there is even a tournement whatsoever as it has very little importance considering the state of the fu..cking world Doh
Winners: GERMANY

ENGLAND: Lose on penalties in semi finals

SCOTLAND: Out in group stages

WALES: Out in group stages
Interesting note is that if we win this group then we go out becuase we play whoever from the group off death and if we come second we will also go out becuase we will get Spain most likely pmsl ...
So the best thing would be to go in the lottery of third place and hope !!!
The pointless friendlys England won And Scotland drew to the Netherlands which I think proves my point that they are a pretty solid team and will definitely trouble our divas .
Sothgates badger pissing about the booing ...wind you're kneck in you c..unt you're a manager not a politician are about as educated as a piece off dog poo too boot aswel ...shut you're flucking trap and do not tell people how they should think !
Can't be arsed with this yet, I am sure once it starts I'll get into it but the benefit of living over here is the football is not wall to wall, so I can take a break from listening to all the crap.
Today's headlines are Henderson is fit ... that's that then may as well get knocked out in the group stages because this wanker is about as creative as bannan when it comes to the big guns
Shouldn't laugh but I will ..Scotland massacred Luxembourg 1-0 pmsl

Booed again ..well done fans fluck the msm and stupid footballers ! Southgate get cancer you c..unt !
Winners: Italy

ENGLAND: Spawny runners up

SCOTLAND: Out in group stages

WALES: Out in 1/4 finals

Meanwhile I think we'll do well to get a second draw against New Zealand unless the weather comes to our rescue again and the Indian's are going to piss all over us this Summer. Can't wait for the colonials this Winter Doh
There is a Euro’s prediction league for the forum if anyone is interested.

All welcome to take part.  Smile
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