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Full Version: Scotland v The Faroes, Wed 1 April
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Well this is a fixture Scotland must win and ideally need to score as many goals as possible v The Faroes. But these opponents don't tend to lose a barrowload of goals these days. So it will be a challenge for Scotland to end this part of the World Cup campaign in a positive frame of mind. What team to field? Well it has to be "two up top" and try to field guys who can score goals and overcome this perceived prob, a binary one, where most of our fixtures have one Scotland goal attached to them. Also one suggestion from me is that Marshall should be rested and let another goalie take up the position. I'm sure many Tartan Army fans have realised that Scotland should have more than 2 pts "on the board" had it not been for Marshall's disappointing reactions to two saveable shots on his goal. As that old saying goes, "You're only as good as your next game 'behind the sticks' ".
The Faroes usually manage to score, so although we need 3 points, we also need goals. I'll be disappointed if we don't score at least 3 goals and only be happy if we get 4 or more. Tomorrow's game will determine our realistic chances of progression.
I must say I have a big prob with a manager who seems to apply a cautious approach to any match that Scotland participates in. He deployed this approach with Killie and was successful in that respect albeit limited success but decent for a Scot Prem club like Killie. However, Scotland is a different proposition with what I regard to be an evolving decent group of players that I think can be potentially one of the best Scotland teams in a long time. The main concern is our striking capability, an age-old problem. Correct me on this but the only Scotland match I can recall, when Scotland started brightly, is the Euro play-off final v Serbia. A wee bit of management engendered positive belief wouldn't go amiss IMO!!
In two matches we've had to come back from a goal down three times. To me this is the problem - we've played reasonably well to rescue a point and Steve Clarke seems to be happy with this. We can't afford to go behind against the Faroes, so we've got to be positive and take control early on.

Clarke definitely understates his feelings, but we need to shake out of this lethargy without being gung-ho during the game. A mixture of control and passion will be the key.
I think Clarke is a good manager but he needs to come out and be a bit more positive in this one.

I'd drop Robertson and move Tierney to LB, Adams and Armstrong should start as they have at least an understanding at club level, Fraser as well as he at least has shown a goal threat if not huge work rate.

We also have several players on a yellow including Christie and we have to be careful with the Denmark game in mind.

Faroes are no mugs by the way. We need to have a good tempo and press this time.
Scotland: Gordon (GK), Robertson ©, Hanley, Tierney, McGinn, McTominay, Dykes, McGregor, Fraser, Adams, McLean.

Marshall, O'donnell and Hendry drop out. Kenny Mclean starts and Mctominay drops back into defence.
A lot of positives tonight - 3 points, 4 goals, a lot of good play, slightly spoiled by some of the stand-off defending. All-in-all a good night.

Roll on September when we have two tricky away games in Denmark and Austria, both of which could go a long way to decide our fate.
FT 4-0 and a tactical hi-press success for Steve Clarke tonight with "two up top" but, more importantly, Tierney used in a roving centre back position but never a CB in this match as listed in the team sheet - pushing on to the Faroes defence at every opportunity and setting up three goals. Super John McGinn scoring an early and crucial 1st goal on 9 mins and then scoring a second goal in the second half to tote up ten personal goals for Scotland!Thumb up Then Robertson finally involved in an assist set up to give Ryan Fraser another goal!! That is amazingly the 1st assist that Robertson has attained since his debut for Scotland! Anyway, a job well done, an acceptable result and we move on to eventually prepare for the Euro finals in June v England etc. BRING IT ON AND HOPEFULLY WE CAN HAVE A GOOD NUMBER OF THE TARTAN ARMY HEADING DOWN TO WEMBLEY TO PARTY AND SEND OUT A STRONG MESSAGE, A RASPBERRY, TO BORIS JOHNSON AND HIS FASCIST PALS AND SUPPORTERS IN LONDON!!
Job done. I thought the system was right one to play in the end and although we were a bit flat at times (no surprise after 2 hard games) once we got the 2nd we had the win we needed.

Tierney and Mcginn are our best players I reckon, so it was apt to see them combine for the first 2. Tierney is top notch in those forward positions, I think he's got faster since he's moved to arsenal. An excellent goal from Che Adams too, who i think will do well for us.

The way the other results panned out I just feel a bit frustrated we didn't get the win we should have v Austria.
Reflect back to that denied stonewall pk when the Austrian defender wanted to dance the waltz with Ryan Christie!!!Rolleyes Give me a break!! Ohhhh, I forgot Scotland generally never get a ref break when it comes to this kinda stuff!!
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