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Full Version: The Owls v Wycombe SBC Match Thread
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Get in!!! Reach!!!! 2-0!!!
Fme they've substituted the whole xxxx team .
And it looks like nt is becoming a manager trying to ride it out without turning the cards

Great goal.
Reach via deflection.
Get in ...!!! Still means xxxx all as we have to go again for another 3 on Saturday the Millwall loss was massive ..! We don't need to be here come the last 5 games. ..still nt home firm is up there with the best and it gives us something solid to work on if there is a future ?

Derby play Colin at home Saturday and so far everytime he's played a xxxx Wednesday team it's gone to Colin form !

This just covers over a large crack ! NT us going to have to paint a master stroke to beat inform Swansea ...

That useless huddershit player on for another huddershit player

Rotherham losing

It's f'ucking weird how I'm celebrating a Cradiff goal against Toytown which could save our skins Confused shows how far we've come under Dolphin Doh
Minge on it's not in the bag yet
Minge on, we could still lose this Whistle
Shut up moaning maddix you had chance for a good day out
3 valuable points, good response after Saturday's debacle.
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