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Shortage of players
Hi All,

I am wanting peoples opinions as to what players we need to bring in. 

We are looking very short of players at present. 

If we are to give the young ones (I won't call them kids as they are adults) their chance this year, we can possibly live with just 5 more players, and whilst some youngsters should be given a run, some are not ready. I trust that is why so many have been taken to Spain to decide who Slaven thinks is ready to be an integral part of the squad.

I also think some are better going back out on loan at level 3 or 4 and bring some transfers or loans in. If that is the plan and the club thinks they are moving in the right direction then it makes sense for us to bring some loans in till they are ready.

If we do not feel the young ones are ready yet (I count Rekeem H and Sam F as part of the squad already) then there could be an argument for another 12 players to come in, with a mix of loans and transfers. 

I hope the club use a mixture of new players and young ones.

I also hope the club do not make the mistake of bringing in more than 5 loans, as they did last year, what's the point of bringing in 6 loans if you can only play 5. I am worried that Dowling likes to bring in loans.

Personally I am going for 10 signings.

Looking at each area of the pitch.

I will start with Goalkeepers as I think this is probably the easiest area to predict.

S Johnstone - No 1 keeper, and whilst looked a bit shaky the first half of last season, was a lot better second half of the season when we went back to 4 at the back and stopped playing everything out from the back. Disappointed he could not keep out the Villa penalties. Should get confidence for being in his second season with us.

J Bond - age 24 - looked good in the cups last year and I hope the club gives him a run as no 2 and does not bring anyone in to replace Boaz. If Sam does get an injury we should give him his run in the team.

B Myhill - Released and I wish him luck in finding a club with first team opportunities as to me he looked as if he was carrying a few pounds extra (as am I), but I think it was time for him to go - another right decision by the club.

A Palmer - age 22 - he was picked ahead of Jack Rose when JR was released two years ago, so we must think he will be good enough for the future. Rose is at Southampton loaned out to Walsall now, so if Palmer is better he should be ready to be our No 3, but he needs to get game time so we need to short term loan him out. We must get better at these loans, loaning him to get the experience, where we want not just anywhere who picks the phone up!

3 is enough for the squad in my opinion.

Mentions to our juniors
B House - age 20 - who seems to be our U23 goalie. Brought in from Arsenal in 2015.

T Cann - age 18 - did most of U18 goalie duties last year. Brought in from Liverpool in 2017.

Josh Griffiths - age 17 - seemed to be preferred to Cann later last season in U18 team and I see he has been taken to Spain for experience. Must be highly thought of by the club.  

Notice that we have picked up players from big clubs when there has been the opportunity.

In regards to juniors if we think they will be good enough for the future, then it is too late to start trying to look after them with longer term contacts when the likes of Man City (M Rogers) and Barcelona (L Barry) come calling, we need to look after them when they are improving sufficiently. 

The club should know which ones are level headed, have the skills to be successful, and work hard. If they have these three components they have a good chance, it would be cheaper to look after them as they come through than have to go into the transfer market to replace 2 positions which should have been filled by Rogers and Barry for many years to come. If we get some wrong and some right it will be worth it. We are always proud of our own academy players.

Sorry this has been so long but I wanted to think things through, so I wrote it down. 

I would value your thoughts. 

I might look at defenders later in the week, lets hope we have some signings by then.
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Good post, Harry!
(Do you get down to watch?)
Start every day off with a smile and get it over with
In my opinion we need a squad consisting of:

2x goalkeepers
2x right backs
2x left backs
4x centre backs
2x defensive midfield
3x centre midfield
1x attacking midfield
4x wingers - 2 right and 2 left
3x strikers

Goalkeepers - Johnstone, Bond

Right back - New RB, Nyom or Wilson

Left back - Gibbs, Townsend

Centre back - New CB, Hegazi, Bartley, New CB or O’Shea

Defensive midfield - New DM and Brunt

Centre midfield - Harper, Livermore, Field

Attacking midfield - Krovinović

Wingers - Phillips RW, Burke or Leko RW, new LW and Edwards LW

ST - 2 new ST and HRK

The players? I don’t know all the players I’d like to see us sign but Markus Henriksen from Hull (DM), Marvin Mehlem from Darmstadt (AM/LW) and Baher El Mohamady (CB) are on my personal list.

New RB - New CB - Hegazi - Gibbs
Harper - Henriksen
Phillips - Krovinovic - Mehlem
New ST
I'm not sure if all of us have actually realised how many players and staff have left the club over the last 6 months?
IMO with the time gone again, we should only focus on 3 quality permanent signings.

A) Right Back
B) Centre Back
C) Striker

Up to another 3 loans with an option to buy. So young hungry players. (No older guys looking for a 12 month pay cheque)

I don't believe for a minute Bilic will be able to spend more then £20m on new players so hence only 3 permanent purchases.
Remember success never happens over night if to many changes are made.

This must force us to play our younger players as full first team members every week.
If Hegazi - Gibbs -or Phillips leave - direct replacements must be made to replace them.

We are all aware of the leavers, but we have to be honest about their contribution last season. Although the 20 leavers is a drastic number.
1. Myhill - 1 league appearance in 3 years / he won't be missed
2. Holgate - 19 appearances Didn't arrive until the new year, started well but didn't maintain his initial level. OK for a loan player
3. Mears - 7 appearances a few as sub, mainly an emergency cover option / he won't be missed
4. Dawson - 41 games, although he made it obvious he wanted to leave he did what was required / he will be a big miss.
5. Montero - 4 appearances no impact / he won't be missed
6. Murphy - 13 appearances, cover for injuries and suspensions. OK for a loan player
7. Johansen - 7 appearances. unfit when he joined OK for a loan player
9. Mozza - 4 appearances, sadly injuries ruined his season
10. Barry - 25 appearances, better days are behind him
11. Tosin - 19 appearances, mainly cover for the other defenders
12. Rondon - 0 appearances already loaned out.
13. J Rod - 45 appearances and 22 goals - must be replaced with a similar striker
14. Gayle - 39 appearances 23 goals - must be replaced with a similar player
15. Hoolahan - 6 appearances, better days behind him
16. Howkins - 0 appearances
17. Sako - 5 appearances, should never have been signed.
18. Rogers - 1 token game in FAC
19. Barry - 0 appearances.
20. Barnes - 29 appearances, with 9 goals - would be great to get a similar player.

So for me the main misses will be Dawson - JRod & Gayle
Also Darren, Shan, Harrison, Cutler & Scott all leaving all has an effect.
Lots of ifs & buts currently, IMO with so many changes Bilic will be given the freedom of the Black Country if performs miracles.
Can we gain success after so many changes only time will tell.
If you cannot convince them! confuse them?   Tongue
Could be worse, poor old Bolton are applying to join a 5 a side league.
If you cannot convince them! confuse them?   Tongue
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