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Two Players
John Sheridan has revealed that offers have been made for two players as he continues his quest to strengthen the squad.

In an interview with Spireites Digital, Sheridan said: "I've spoken to players and made offers for two players, but it's still very early days.

"Everyone would like to get their house in order as quickly as they can but most players are still under contract until June 30th. I've got a strong belief that we'll get the right kind of players to make us a better team."

Sheri is at least alive. And he says he sees Liam Mandeville as a new Danny Whitaker ....... which means he's going to be playing behind a front two? Isn't Charlie Carter similar? Isn't Joe Rowley similar too? Two up top, three attack minded, advanced midfielders ....... that would leave a lot of competition for defensive midfield ..... Smith, Wedgbury, Weir (ptaah!!), Maguire ........ Isn't a goalkeeper pretty near the top of our priorities?

And what do we mean by offers? Surely we mean contracts for out of contract players and not transfer offers?
According to Ye Olde Derbyshire Thymes, one of the offers could have been to Dan Gardener, who has said he would rather stay in the FL but didnt rule a move out to "a well run club". However that would give us yet another attacking midfielder as well as one with a mental impediment so I just dont see it.
Our really weak point last season was defensive midfield. When Sheridan stuck Maguire in front of a more mobile back 3/4 he struck gold IMO, suddenly Weir who had been poor previously, looked like a player. He was more mobile and harried further upfield which meant when he lost the ball or gave a bad pass it wasn't as critical as playing just in front of a static back 4.
I only saw Wedgbury pre season at Alfreton and he looked ok'ish. More of an in your face hassle type player rather than a tackler.
Smith seemed to get worse when Sheridan came in, similar player to Weir but with more legs.
Not sure where Weston fits in now.
Do we need a waged keeper in reserve? For the number of times a keeper gets injured, why not give the new development squad keeper a shot? Jalal is a good enough keeper. If its critical, a loanee can be brought in anytime in the National League. But then of course there's always the almighty Evans. For me its a waste of a wage to have a reserve keeper on the bench week after week.
Big Bore Exhaust = Small Dick
Jalal always has been a piss-ordinary keeper. If we got promoted, like Macclesfield we'd have to ditch him, so why not bring in a young keeper now? Get a top keeper and you get a top defence IMO. Everybody raves about the impact of Virgil Van Dyke at Liverpool but they didn't have a reliable defence until they got Becker Allisson. To be honest I don't believe there is such a thing as a good enough keeper - I think any team at any level should get the best keeper they can. This seems especially relevant when the only keeper we have is OLD and is obviously struggling for fitness on occasions.

Personally I don't see the point in enabling a player like Weir who has averaged 2 goals a season through a long career to push further forward. He'll be taking the place of someone in the team who has far more ability both to score and make goals. I don't want Dan Gardner any more than he seems to want us, but I'd rather have him than Weir.
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