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Promotion Odds
Odds with Skybet to win the League.

Chesterfield 7/1
Notts County 7/1
Wrexham 10/1
Barnet 14/1
Fylde 14/1
Stockport 14/1
Torquay 14/1
Harrogate 16/1
Solihull 16/1
Yeovil 16/1
Bromley 20/1
Dagenham 20/1
Sutton 20/1
Dover 25/1
Eastleigh 25/1
Ebbsfleet 25/1
Hartlepool 25/1
Barrow 28/1
Chorley 33/1
Boreham Wood 40/1
Gateshead 40/1
Halifax 40/1
Woking 40/1
Maidenhead 50/1

Notts County are apparently on the verge of a takeover. I expect Stockport next season to be up around near the playoffs. Very surprised we are 7/1 when we haven't made any signings.

This league is so unpredictable we could probably see Tiger Roll winning it.

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I`m surprised that we`re favourites as well, Matt. Mind you, that means sod all anyway; we were one of the favourites at the start of last season as well. It didn`t count for much, did it?
After the bookies reaction last season I can't say I'm surprised to see our odds. They just want to tempt people in to have a bet on the basis of very little information. At the moment smaller clubs like Barrow and Bromley are doing a good job of securing (quite decent) players anxious to get a team for next season and sort out their future. Bigger names like Notts County and Yeovil have only just discarded and are sorting themselves out for a new season at a different level. Fylde and Harrogate are the clubs with a bit of stability who could build on their current success, Solihull could join them if they can keep Tim Flowers, but if they don'tthen relegation might threaten once again ....... and then there's Wrexham forever grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory. I'm not sure about Stockport's mongrel version of part and full-time, and Torquay, despite the enthusiasm of the success-starved fans, is very much the Johnson show.

What we're doing now I've no idea, have you? Sheri did recruit us a good team once upon a time and clearly does know what he's doing, but he also failed to recruit at all the following season when his four-year contract provided him with so much security we were immediately relegated. No doubt he'll tell us he has irons in the fire. Personally I hope they're not EFL players on the way down, hoping for time, space and a slower pace in the National League. Cos they won't find it.

If they made me have a bet now I'd go for Fylde. But at the moment we'd don't even know if Gateshead or Aldershot will be the 24th team in the league do we?
Think you have a great chance Sheridan no mug and will get the right players in
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This division is unpredictable and that shows with results from the season just gone. Macclesfield had no money and were favoured for the drop the season they won it and went up.

I like divisions like this though where it's unpredictable, same goes for the Championship, L1 and L2. Whereas the Premier League you know it's going to be the same top 7 competing for the title and top 4. The season Leicester won it was a freak result and I very much doubt a team will do that again unless a Burnley or a Brighton get bankrolled.

Being in this division isn't ideal but it has given me a lot more appreciation to non-league football and has opened my eyes quite a bit on the different leagues and how non-league works in general. I've enjoyed reading the non-league paper this season and looking at the league tables and seeing these weird and obscure place names that I probably wouldn't know have existed if it wasn't for non-league.

More to Football than the Premier League and SKY
I agree there is a kind of magic about the non-league scene, but unfortunately much of the finance turns out to be smoke and mirrors. Orient and Salford did really have the budget to get them up, unlike cash-starved Macclesfield who went up by accident and shocked themselves by finding they'd appointed Sol Campbell to keep them up, not take them down in a fanfare of famous names. Fylde and Harrogate are currently sound and on upward curves. Yeovil definitely need new ownership, County have splashed cashed and drowned themselves, Torquay's ownership is the Mister Shifty element which could undermine Gary Johnson's management skills, Stockport are taking fairy steps which turn out to be wisdom, there's been a fatal flaw somewhere at Wrexham, they bring players in, go on a run, hit the top and then the dragon's fire damps down, and us .......... Sheri could find us a team if he gets over his own messiah complex and realises he isn't going to be sitting in midfield for us spraying the Zidane passes, BUT there remains a man behind the scenes whose deep pockets we can't escape (he and Sheridan have to be trying to score in the same goal). But will they?

And then there's Barnet who are sound enough and have a player-base sufficient to build a promotion team and Dagenham who promise to buy a league winning team despite the persistent and conspicuous absence of a crowd to support EFL football ........... As Matt says it's wide-open. Bookies want you to have a bet and especially like it when you're betting in the almost complete absence of information.
How bookies or anybody else can say they fancy us for next season is beyond me. Our squad doesnt look bad as it stands but really is threadbare so lets see who comes in first then make comment. Its the same every close season, budgets mean bog all especially if wasted like we did last season.
The one thing I hope is that we dont just write off our own youth players as we have done in the past.
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Gateshead license suspended and by the sound of it have been expelled from the Conference
Have you heard about the news on Mizar 5
People got to shout to stay alive

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