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Hibs v Aberdeen, Sun 19 May, KO 3.00pm
Well it is the last game of the season v opponents who are still playing for something and we have an abysmal historical league record against them. I hope we win this match just to "break the mould" but I'm not holding my breath in anticipation! Lets play a positive attacking formation but with a "bit of steel" in midfield and see how we get on. We should've beat them in the previous league cup QF at ER when they "got oot o jail" due to Hibs poor finishing. C'mon Hibs! Lets do it this time!!

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Looking forward to the game, hopefully both teams go all out to entertain today on the last day of what's been an eventful season !
FT, a 1-2 defeat, and Hibs league "bogey" v the Dons continues as expected and as intimated in my OP - very disappointing when one considers that Hibs held a 1-0 lead but couldn't hold it and "suckered" again. Even a draw would've been good just to register some kinda positivity in this particular fixture that is becoming a real irritation!!! Thumb down Hibs really need to overcome this "bogey" once and for all as it has "dragged on" for years and has become unacceptable!
The bogey v Aberdeen has dragged on for years but it has increasingly been our own fault because basic errors have cost us.
I remember one occasion when we played them in the Summer Cup way back in the 60s,we played them off the park,hit the bar,saw the ball cleared off the line and lost 1-0 because of a defensive error. It's getting hard to watch the team shooting themselves in the foot. Maybe one day it will change but don't hold your breath.
Today I couldn't figure out what Paul Hanlon was doing prior to Cosgrove's 1st goal for the Dons - totally baffled by his lack of awareness in reading that "crossed baw" from the Dons left wing. It looked like he "froze", something you don't do in defence when 1-0 ahead. As for Fraser Murray's "open goal header" from 3 yds, somebody has to show this laddie how to "heid" a baw properly!!! If I had been in the same position to head that "tasty" cross from Horgan, the baw would've been a blur for Czesny to save it - nae chance!! Frustrating to watch this failure to produce AGAIN!!
That miss aside I thought fraser murray did fine yesterday, but we are definitely going to have to look at bringing more goals into this side.
One glaring aspect of Hibs striking is the fact McNulty was our potential prolific striker while Kamberi was more or less anonymous for months. Should Hecky keep Kamberi? IMO "get rid"!!
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