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A 5% price hike on season tickets and King "selling a cheap story" to justify it!!
No trophies for Rangers this season and the lying King acting like a shady car salesman in promoting why Rangers are worth it - dominance of Scot footie coming soon and the "signs" are good! Sure, there appears to be some improvement but they are still a long way off knocking Celtic "off their perch" for obvious reasons!!
I suppose what he says is predictable, its what the fans want to hear whether they truly believe it or not!! Tangible reach of becoming a dominant force in Scottish football - I suppose its tangible in so much as you can see it and gauge its size, thankfully he didn’t say close but that “tangible reach” is still a huge chasm to Celtic in reality!!
Are the signs that good? The league was over by April and they couldn't get out a weak Europa league group with every one of their opponents in turmoil and having sacked their manager. Knocked out of the cup twice by the sheep? I'm not seeing huge progress yet...but I guess Gerrard is pretty new to management, his naivety has certainly shown through at times...going by some of his statements to the press I don't think he's the brightest.

They are up against a club that has a successful business model, a far higher calibre of board member, better facilities, 30 mill in the bank as of today as well as a superior squad. It wouldn't surprise one bit of Rodgers comes in and pays silly money for Forrest,Tierney or McGregor either.

Make no mistake king is basing this on improved showings v sellick. That's the prism they look at everything through, it's really short sighted but it will keep the cash coming....for now.
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