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Michael Appleton to succeed Neil Lennon!
According to SSN, Hibs to announce Appleton as Hibs new manager in the next couple of days! Oh well! See how he handles the job, particularly the matches v Rangers and Celtic! Also he wants a Scottish assistant - it will be curious to see who that will be!
A big gamble if he fails there's nowhere for the board to hide.
Very poor choice IMO.

It looks as though our search for a new manager continues.
Cabbage is still good for you
Daily record saying Heckingbottom will now get it. They better sort this out by the weekend, it's already looking like a bit of a mess.
Aye! It looks like Heckingbottom is now a "done deal" and he is already at Hibs training ground. I regard this deal as the "cheap option" even though Hibs saying the breakdown in the Appleton deal was relative to his additional contract clauses.
Know nothing about him, although some of our English friends might give us some info......but yeah its pretty underwhelming.

I'll get behind him though and hope he does well.
I notice Leeann has come out "all guns blazing" re certain insinuations that Hibs are "in turmoil". "Further from the truth" says Leeann and Hibs are still well organised and getting on with the day to day running of a top footie club!! We know who our enemies are and they'll be gleeful re recent disappointing events. I think we've been weakened for a while on the pitch and that is closer to the truth re where we are currently at. Hopefully that situ will be gradually improved until season end.
Heckingbottom had some success at Barnsley but was that on the back of the work that Lee Johnson did, we will never know. Either way he took them to a cup final and led them to promotion to the Championship, and followed that up with a very good season seeing them finish in the top half of the table. His mistake was leaving Barnsley when the "big" team came calling and he left to go manage L**ds. They were a club in a bit of a mess and he lasted 4 months, although it also looks like they themselves got a bigger name and replaced him with Bielsa for that reason rather than performances.

If he had stayed at Barnsley he may well have still got a move up the ladder on merit, he was being touted as one of the good young managers in the EFL at the time.
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Heckingbottom must be considered to be, at best, 2nd choice as Appleton has a much better recent record. Remember that Lennon had a poor spell at Bolton before he came to Hibs, so give the new man a chance. I feel that we've been lucky in having Stubbs and Lennon as our last two managers giving us good times to celebrate.

Cabbage is still good for you
Stubbs was quite willing to come back to Easter Road but for reasons best known to themselves the board decided not to pursue the offer. If it goes ahead we are going to have a man who is at best 2nd choice and the fans will not forget it should he fail to deliver. Sounds like we ended up with the cheapest option again.

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