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Andy Murray to retire this year!
This announcement by Andy is not unexpected TBH and all I can say to a great British sportsman and tennis player - THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES and I hope you eventually overcome this painful hip problem and get back to a decent life without pro tennis. All the best!
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Gutted for him. He sounded so upset. It must be a disappointment that he can't bow out at Wimbers. I reckon he'll get a standing ovation on centre whether he plays or not, though. Good luck, Sir Andy.
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He was and still is a colossus in British sport. All sportsmen and women would do well to follow his commitment and ambition to be the best they can be. He has been a shining example to us all and I hope he is not lost to sport - he has so much he can give in coaching, lifestyle and even a future administrative capacity. Thanks for everything you've done, Andy, and have a healthy and happy retirement. You certainly deserve it!
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Really sad news about Andy who has done wonders for Tennis in particular. No one can forget his career achievements which put him right up there as arguably Britain's greatest sportsman. Eventually has desire to be World No1 and his epic display in Olympic gold and Davis cup triumphs probably took too much out of his body, mentally and physically, but he has them in his C.V. and they can never be removed.
Hopefully the idea of a future operation will see him pain free because he still has a lot to offer both in tennis and as a family man.
Thanks for the memories Andy,good luck in your retirement.
Top British sportsman ever. Happy retirement Andy. Thumb up
Absolutely tremendous achievements from a young lad from dunblane. He showed that hard work and persistence can get you to where you want in the end.
As expected, Andy beaten by 28th seeded Agut in the Australian Open but what a battle put up by Murray in a 5 set thriller after going two sets down - resilient till the end and typical Andy Murray! Agut's face was a "picture" after losing the 4th set!!
Love his sense of humour, even if many living south of the border don't get it. Like his drive, determination and his willingness to work hard to get to be the best, even when there were at least 3 around him with arguably more natural talent who he had to work harder than to become the best. Not the first guy today who I'll wish all the best in whatever he chooses to do in the future.
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It would be good to see Andy playing in some of the smaller events up to Wimbledon and allow the crowds a chance to send him into retirement with a great send off. It`s doubtful if British male tennis will see his like for a very long time-if ever
Murray was a great player, unfortunate to have played among so many great players like Federer, Nadal, Djokovic
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