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Llera leaves the club
Llera who seemed to be doing a decent job coaching the youngsters has left the club by mutual consent. We managed a four-line announcement, fulsome in its praise, overflowing with sentiment at his sad departure and full of information as to his reasons for leaving so abruptly. NOT!

Is Pemberton on borrowed time, or will he be taking on more jobs?

Don't you just hate football and the wasp-faced cnuts who somehow get to the top of the game?
According to Dave Allen, Pemberton is part of the "A" Team and can sit at the top table with Sheridan Snodin and Carson.

I thought Llera was doing a good job. Bit of a surprise but then who know's what is going to happen over the next few weeks.
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I like Snodin's face! He looks as though somebody could actually like him without demanding payment.
The fact that we seem to have a crop of decent youngsters coming through at the moment must have something to do with Miguel Llera, I`d have thought, so I reckon he did a good job as well.

Mind you, the football grapevine is pretty efficient so I`d imagine it`s quite well known that he did and that he`ll have no problem getting another club.

Like you, Dancing, I suspect there`s going to be quite a bit of upheaval this next couple of weeks - for better or for worse. One or two of the players must be looking over their shoulders, I`d think.
I bet Robbie Weir starts tomorrow. He's just the type of dolt Sheri will like.
That's nailed on Dev. The big question is who will play in goal and up front? Smith with Weir centre mid could be a decent combination if Shez can get Weir fired up. Wouldn't be surprised to see Anyon in nets. Well I would because I wont be there but you get the gist.
Big Bore Exhaust = Small Dick
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