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Shez and Snodin
Oh well that's really put a downer on 2019 for me.
If Crossley doesn't come back at least we won't have to endure him playing in goal whilst our No1 keeper is on the bench.
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Glynn Snodin is better than Tommy Wright and Mark Crossley, but so are a number of notifiable diseases.

My one piece of wisdom for Sheridan is that if any manager of anything always finds himself complaining that his staff do not listen to him - he'll be RIGHT ........ but the reason will be that he NEVER listens to them.

Remember when he bawled at Joe Skarz that he'd found his level. There are two ends to every stick.
There seems to be a lot of optimism with our fans re this appointment which I just don't understand.
Even most of the stay aways seem pleased and are talking of a return.
All of a sudden all's Rosy in the garden but what has happened to poor old Jim? Is he lying mortally wounded under the rhubarb or is he building a weapons arsenal?

According to our lord and master, he's back in control and will be returning to home matches. Mr Carson remains part of his team (he's an honorable man because he runs the Assay Office !!!! - the one allegedly involved in the Brinksmat laundering) and now we have that nice Mr Sheridan and Mr Snodin on 3 year deals we have the team to take us forward. Lets face it we really couldn't go much further backwards could we?
Our fans should be grateful and the sponsors who have pulled out are just stupid idiots. Basically nothing that's happened is down to him and nobody but him can afford to run the club so shut up and get behind him. That includes the press who should know better than to be so negative as they have been !!! Also somebody high profile has said something very naughty about him so they will be hearing from his solicitors.
All that took a 30 minute press conference to say or was it sneer?

Well he's convinced me. I thought he was a pig headed ignorant cretin but somehow he has managed to prove me wrong, he's a lovely lovely man who has the best interest of his pocke.... sorry! our club at heart.
All praise Dave Allen - "we love you" Dave.
Big Bore Exhaust = Small Dick
If DA finances Sheridan to add three or four decent players to our squad I'm guessing he will save us from relegation. But to be honest I reckon that if I was backed to recruit a few players I could save us (and on the cheap!) too. I don't think there is a vast gulf between the teams in this league, but a few strategic small-ish things can make the difference between winning and losing every week. One is full-time training, so a club like Braintree is playing catch-up from the start. Another is simply attitude. Because of DA the club has been presenting a losing face to the world. Players aren't daft, they know when they are on a loser. If suddenly everything is going to pretend to be hunky-dory that is a pretty big step forward.

My own disillusionment stems from DA having either deliberately, or accidentally, not only bound the club to himself, but also himself to the club. And I can't see a ready way out other than as SpireMatt says one of us winning Euromillions. My plan would be to buy out the club, clear all the debt Mr Allen created to himself, set the club on a sound financial and playing footing and turn it into a fan-owned enterprise which could never again fall into private hands. But dreams are fine. The reality is that whilst DA has the power of life and death over us, we are very heavy stones weighing down his pockets, a little too valuable simply to discard. As things are he can decide to make us succeed and we may well do it, but essentially nothing would have changed.
Thankfully I didn't make the game on Sat. 88mins to see off Bedford? Watched the highlights (I wouldn't call them that but somebody has) and we looked bereft of anything in the box.
The thing that wasn't good was the bench. Anyon, Nelson, Muggleton, Denton and Beesley. No place for Amantchi or Rawson. OK Denton did what he does and scored a good reflex goal but has Shez watched any tapes from our last few games? That bench was shocking given the improvements since MA left and even he recognised Nelson was passed it.
I hope its not a sign of things to come.
Big Bore Exhaust = Small Dick
The major thing I do not understand is Jalal.

How come he is suddenly fit enough to play? How come too Burton has gone back at the end of his loan? That surely couldn't have been the plan when MA listed Jalal? So are we signing a keeper, or is it Jalal? Sheridan twice selected 8 year old Soderberg in goal - he couldn't also mistake Anyon for a fully-formed keeper, could he?

Next thing I don't get is Muggleton. I thought he signed a short-term contract, surely that must very nearly be up. And it still seems to me though he has taken long throws we've never tried to use him. He's not made a goal, or looked like it as far as I know. BUT he might well possess the best long throw in the country and we've no one else who would be in the top 100 in any skill set. I watched two cup games on telly last weekend. Three of the four teams used a long thrower and Leicester had two in Fuchs and Chowdhury (though I thought the latter's could be a foul throw as he twisted his body and appeared to me to be essentially throwing one-handed). So Sheri has to make a decision on Muggleton doesn't he? Me I'd use him. Other sports find ways to accommodate unusual skills, but IMO football is very, very conservative, because it is ruled by fear.

Third thing beyond me is Amantchi. What do we think we are doing? We appeared to be gradually developing him. Then we threw him to the dogs in the two of the most difficult games we'll play (one of which saw him expected at 18 to be our entire forward threat!) It seems obvious to me he needs games because he is at the stage to take the next step, but that needs to be done without breaking him. So far we seem to be following the Ricky German model of saying he's potentially great, no we've tried him, he's actually shit! And Luke Rawson might just be a little further back on the same road.

Sheridan is a football manager, so he is going to do a lot of football-managerish things. Though I don't think he has ever got over his own playing days and sees our standard of player as being beneath him, I wish he'd remember more of his time on field ........ because he wasn't a conservative player. I'd like to see him taking the risk of shifting the balance of our play away from not-conceding, towards creating goals and trying to win games. And I hope, when he brings in the players he's promised that their future is largely in front of them rather than behind.
Rawson signed a 1 year pro deal yesterday so maybe somebody has been watching game videos.
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I'd have thought his goal scoring record when he was going well would have got him a one-year deal. The problem is what we do with/to these lads once we've given them short-term deals. It should be the making of them, but it often seems to be the breaking of them.
It does in our case. I cant think of one of own academy players who have gone on to do well in our first team.
Incidentally Amantchi tweeted last week that he was very sorry to see Llera go and that he had been a great coach for all the youngsters, giving him all the support and encouragement to develop as a player.

On another note, at the AGM last night AC (who is not a director anymore and is taking a back seat) chaired the meeting and stated that the club was up for sale for £6mill but DA stated last week at the press conference that due to timewasters and paltry offers he wasn't selling until we are back in the football league. Re-arrange the following well known saying - the blind its the like blind leading.
Big Bore Exhaust = Small Dick
Darikwa went from Academy centre forward to driving you mad as the best fullback in League One ........ and getting sent off for Forest last week.

To be fair to the club the jump from junior to first team is a big and difficult one, but we don't seem to manage it well. And as I've said loads of times we need something between those two levels, where players get a regular game alongside those not selected for the first team squad. I don't think you can adapt to first team football as if you were Einstein doing a thought experiment - you actually have to be playing the game for real against players similar to those you'll be facing for the rest of your playing career.

(And Rowley has remained a first-teamer under different managers.) Notice Luke Rawson's family and Sheridan were present for his signing ....... so maybe we can play him without re-checking his registration ....
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