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Went along last night just because I have never seen an England team at any level and its one off my bucket list.
I have to say they were tremendously impressive,all the players possessing speed and skill which blew me away ,probably because I am not used to seeing this level or type of football.I am tempted to say the future of English international football is looking good but obviously anyone who sees them regularly would probably say its normal for this level and they were only playing Andorra.
The ball actually zipped along the ground which I had forgotten can happen, it can actually roll along the grass. I though it had to be belted as high and far as possible but I've changed my mind .I wonder if MA was watching .
I couldn't really pick a man of the match out but a special mention has to go to Phil Foden of Man C and one of the subs Reiss Nelson of Arsenal but on loan at Hoffenheim ,both making their debuts and both only 18 years old.I couldn't believe Foden is still only 18 ,he seems to have been around for ages.
A decent turn out of over 7k too ,not sure how much the club gets from that .
You do have to take into account that 77,000 people live in Andorra. In terms of the level they play at, it was Chesterfield playing Clay Cross. Maybe even we would play the ball on the floor then. I think you, like those on Bob's who were having a meltdown over brilliant England, are suffering from football starvation. We do have some good young players, especially considering we're sticking some of the best in the full squad.
As I said Dev ,It looked great because we aren't used to seeing it and regular watchers might not go overboard as the opposition wasn't the best.
However, I cannot believe even those who go regularly wouldn't have impressed with the pace and skill on show.It deserved a full house of 9.5k and the FA may not come back again for that reason .
BOB's fans seem to have loved them pinging the ball about .........

To be fair they haven't seen much pinging for a long time. But if we can't ping against Andorra, who would we try Madagascar, Turks & Caicos? But then I reckon Sancho, Maddison, Chilwell, Alexander-Arnold and Mason Mount from the senior squad could all be added to that team in terms of age, and there are several other good youngsters who didn't make the squad, or are being kept to the lower age groups ...... so we are almost ridiculously strong opposition for little Andorra.
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