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Match thread - England v the rest of the world....
Looking forward to watching an England match without that horrible band in the background.

Got bored after quarter of an hour and went to do t weshing up.
Oooh! That's interesting. Mo Salad has been injured playing for t'Egypt. Rolleyes Whistle
How shit must you be? Etc etc! Whistle

Got to say, playing some lovely football here. Thumb up
Well I was a bit sceptical about this new competition at first,and I still don't think it's perfect, but that tonight was a much better match than any friendly international could be. Probably the best England performance since the 5-1 win in Germany.
We were superb first half....some of those breakaways were magnificent. All 3 goals were belters.
Rashford and Sterling superb....thought Dier was good for a change and Kane was back to near his old self.
Still think Pickford is a liability. He just can't catch a ball...always drops it. Don't like his kicking out much either...although he did set up our first goal.
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Pickford is indeed a bleedin liability, Shep. But you've got to love a goalie who has the confidence to do a Cruyff turn in his own box when one of the world's top strikers is bearing down on him. Laugh Rolleyes Whistle Doh
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Didn't see the match, wasn't shown over here that I'm aware of. Saw the highlights with the help of a VPN and some other stuff that moves you back home in the virtual IT world, as far as those that like to know where you are are concerned. Well taken goals, looks like we deserved it. How Pickford got away with his attempted rugby tackle when you compare that to soft penalties Town have conceded I've no idea? Not that I've an interest in penalties being awarded this week Whistle
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Phil the Bill has picked up an ankle injury. Won't play tonight but could be still available for Saturday.
Best England away performance since beating Germany 3-2 in Berlin.
3 cracking goals, some belting tackles and you could see the players were up for it. Whoever decided to get rid of friendlies and replace it with a League format deserves a medal.
2nd half backs to the wall and for the majority of we defended really well.

How Ramos is on the pitch by the end of the game I've no idea, whinging at the ref all the time and clearly showing dissent on at least 4 occasions after already being booked. The Spanish are also past masters of feigning injury, go anywhere near them and they fall over clutching ankles or faces...absolute disgrace
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I mentioned a player called jamie Lawrence who was playing out in slovakia, he's moved a bit closer to home. He's got an opportunity at anderlecht in Belgium
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