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Brucey Bonus
He`s in a precarious situation again, how long before he`s hounded out?

Personally garbage football with no style or plan, playing players out of position when you have by far the strongest team in the league
And Bruce himself has been called a "Promotion specialist"
Ive no doubt he builds good teams, looking at the squad it`s superb but none of the players have played to their ability
Again the loan system has been played with awesome effect Tuanzebe, El Ghazi (Superb!), Abraham and Bolasie among them, regardless of John Terry returning or not they should never be out the top three

So if they get rid will it be Pardew, Allardyce, Moyes or McCarthy? Hopefully would be none

Despite the great work of Clarke, Lennon and McInnes, the SPL is too "Pub league" for some

A foreign appointment like John Van den Brom at Az Alkmaar or Julian Nagelsmann of FC Hoffenheim may be too much transition without a pre-season

Slaven Bilic anyone?
Way too early for them to make that decision, but I suppose these days anything is possible!!
I dont think its a knee jerk more like a continuum from last season although even worse it seems
The momentum of fan pressure is building and looks like the most ardent Bruce fan saying til Xmas to change things at most
Cabbage apparently North End get another manager sacked
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Have you heard about the news on Mizar 5
People got to shout to stay alive

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Being reported that he has been fired, along with all his backroom staff, that would suggest they have the replacement lined up already. No doubt Bruce will appear again later in the season at another club.
His decisions have been clueless, massively underachieved with a great squad , awful football, clueless decisions and poor man management (MacCormack being a major)

Always thought he had some talent or at least luck but that seems to have deserted him, wrong man for the club, I still say Slaven Bilic would be a good appointment although it will probably be Strachan or Pardew
If Villa are happy in midfield then Strachan or Pardew are perfect for the job!! Bilic would be a good choice though.
Dean Smith is the fans fave and I have to really look on with awe at what Brentford cleverly achieve, I thought they might implode post Warburton but the have got even stronger

But the main man apparently coming in, for all his World football `name` is something of a gamble
i will lmao if carlos walks into the job  Laugh if they think Brucey football is boring this nutter will have em poking there own eyes out Laugh

and the curse of preston goes on lol !!
Think David Moyes is among the bookies faves

John Terry, Mick Mccarthy, Dwight Yorke and some guy who was Mourinho`s assistant
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